The highest quality social media solution around

We take the untapped talents of expats from across the world, and trained them to produce the best social media consultants on the market.

Our consultants include former blue chip marketers, journalist, accounts, & lawyers. All our graduates of our unique social media training, giving you access to exceptional talent at affordable prices.

Work with our experienced consultants who all have a unique global approach and have been trained in our unique social media framework which guarantees results. Your social media consultant can build your online community, increase brand awareness, and help to expand your business.


Our Products:

  • Social Media Strategy Development

  • Social Media Training

  • Social Media Done For You - Bespoke Packages

A few of our clients 

Expat Coaching
I completely underestimated how stressful moving abroad would be both professionally and on us as a family. Hannah helped me focus on what was important. My own personal skill development and how I transfer my technical skills to the team here in South Africa. Coaching helped me gain the credibility I needed to make the biggest impact in a relatively short period of time.
— Tom Porter - Regional Arts Director British Council

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