How Can we optimise international placements

Over 214 million people* currently live outside of their passport country. They include refugees, lifestyle migrants, students, ethnic groups and professional assignees. 

Millions more travel abroad, work with team members from another country, and live in increasingly international communities. 

Professional assignments are costly and unique for each individual involved. Typically an organisations will spend 4-5 times the annual salary for every person they send abroad.  

Research indicates that 6% of all expat assignments fail. The two main reasons being** : 

1. Failure to adapt to new culture 

2. Family Concerns 

The relocation market is estimated at $10bn, meaning $600m lost each and every year.  Failure also harms the organisation and individuals reputation, private and professional relationships. 

Whilst some of the factors in termination can be supported practically, its often the longer term mental attitude that provides the make or break to the success of the assignment.

Translating Me is a team of international professionals, who have first hand experience of being a stranger in a foreign land. They can relate to the assignee and their partners to provide effective coaching and professional development to support high achieving professionals manage the transition. Building confidence, cultural adaptability and sharing of best practice to ensure the assignment is a success for each member of the family. 


* UN estimate 

** Brookfield and Cartus Research, 


A few of our clients 

Expat Coaching
I completely underestimated how stressful moving abroad would be both professionally and on us as a family. Hannah helped me focus on what was important. My own personal skill development and how I transfer my technical skills to the team here in South Africa. Coaching helped me gain the credibility I needed to make the biggest impact in a relatively short period of time.
— Tom Porter - Regional Arts Director British Council

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