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Discover The 3 Strategies you can Implement to reconnect with your career after moving abroad.

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Its time to stop living in your partners shadow. 

Too many expats move abroad, and life a live without meaning, without focus, and drive. I want to change that, to ensure you regain the purpose and pride over your work. There are too many skills and talents left behind in excess luggage, and its time to change that. To champion expats who are bravely stepping out of the mould, using technology to equip themselves for the future.   

I will help you too: 

**Learn how technology has enabled you to continue to work abroad and how to stay relevant. 

** Implement our simple Spider Career framework that will allow you to confidently create a new side project. 

**The strategy that enables you to go from board housewife, to thriving in your career. 

**Know how to answer “what do you do”.

**Your own business toolkit and roadmap to get started.


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Day 1 - The very First Step to Re Start your Career

If you want to activate your skills and talents again into something that will support you and your family's global lifestyle, something that you don't have to restart after every move, then this is your first step that you need to do before anything else. 

expat portable career life

Day 2 - 3 Mistakes Most Expats Make 

Good news - you are not the first person to start a project on the side, or invest in their own business. I spent the past 5 years interviewing people who have been successful, and also those who gave up. These are the 3 mistakes most people make when starting out - and how you can avoid them. 

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Day 3 - "What do you do?" 

This week we give you a simple strategy to give you the confidence to get back out there networking and give you the answers you need to gain attention. 



Day 4 - "we All have to Start Somewhere" 

Today we look at the pros and cons of the 5 most popular business models that you can use to start your business abroad. They range from starting a side hustle teaching english through to create a new physical product to sell globally. 



Day 5 - "Your Freelance / Side hustle Toolkit" 

All the tools and apps you need to get you started. 

“Tell me what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
— Mary Oliver