Its now time to start reimagining your career, go put the kettle on and prepare to be Inspired.


#nomoretrailing campaign

But thats not all, we would love for you to join our #nomoretrailing campaign which is championing expats who are bravely stepping out of the mould. Those who want to use technology to equip themselves for the future.

Those who want to use their time abroad to:

Research new topics of interest.

Branch out in new directions.

Learn new skills. 

Focus on designing their future. 

Start new jobs. 

Not be defined by what you used to do, or what your partner does.

Build your own Personal Brand.

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Start by downloading your own No More Trailing Promise, work out what type of project, or career you would like to start, fill it out, and post an image of yourself with your promise on social media. 

Don't forget to use the hashtag #nomoretrailing and tag @translatingmeabroad. 


Its about return home with our own blended life, a range of stories to tell, new skills in our toolkit, variety of our own income streams, and many options to continue working.

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Further inspiration: