The Identity Project

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The Identity Project


Translating Me, has a proven 6 step process to help ensure you get the most of your time abroad. This programme supports you to reinventing your personal and professional lifestyle.

Our proven process will simplify and organise your life, walking you through the necessary steps to mentally and physically adapt to the new local lifestyle, and get you out experiencing the best your new culture has to offer. 

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Without strong personal and professional aspirations, you runt he risk of drifting through your time abroad by getting lost in daily chores. Before you know it you are back home with a huge bucket list and maybe a few regrets of the things you could have seen, or person you could have been.

This course will help you become more intentional over the experiences you would like to have. To be prepared for the challenges, and knowing how to  be in a position both mentally and physically to maximise the career opportunities and personal development skills available.  


Imagine for a moment you are sat on the plane home  


expat life

What are you going to do today to help create those memories? 

You can expect to finish the Identity Project with:  

    1.    With a system for all your paperwork  
    2.    Your own Personal Branding Profile
    3.    Clarity on what to do with your time (professionally or professionally)
    4.    Completed our proven process to Identify your top 3 career options (paid or voluntary) 
    5.    An inspiring weekly routine (reflecting all aspects of life and gets you excited to jump out of bed each morning) 
    6.    Motivational Bucket List - Life and for current destination
    7.    Growth Mindset - confidence to step out of comfort zone / slow down / be present


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