How to go Paperless Abroad 


Whats life like living in Johannesburg


Living abroad makes things much harder if the imaginable happens. You need to take responsibility for keep track of medical details, insurance numbers, processes and procedures, and all those packing lists! 

We have found the perfect solution - storing all your information in one place inside Evernote. But its hard to get started when you aren't sure which notebooks or how to get the best from Evernote. 

We have done all the hard work for you, compiling strategies, checklist and research all in one place. 

Download our helpful guide to get started, and swipe all our system of notes and notebooks, so all your information is quick and easy to access. 

Our system takes account of your: 

  • Emergency Information
  • Personal Identification for each family member 
  • Financial Records/ Templates / Budgets 
  • Medical Records / notification templates to realise records, store medication and vaccination history / process claims
  • Education Records / Trackers / Growth Charts 
  • Travel Planner / Vaccination records
  • How to Guides Buying Car / Renting House / Selecting a School   

Giving you peace of mind, plus a lot of extra time to enjoy exploring rather than looking for your passport number. 

This was such a lifesaver, I spent so much time searching for addresses, emergency numbers, and passwords! I hadn’t heard of Evernote, but I would be lost without it now! The system you outline here has been great to get the whole family started, making sharing information that much easier. Thank you for sharing
— Kirsty Edwards
Moving Checklist

A Note from Hannah

We have 3 small children, with our eldest has just started "big school". Evernote has been perfect for me to keep track of their progress, I take photo's of their art work, school reports, and medical records/ medication. That way when we move back to the UK, I'll have all the information there ready to give the school, and our local doctor. 

Its also been great at keeping on top of our visa applications, I have taken photos of all the documentation, so if things ever get lost, or my wallet stolen, I have all our details accessible from my phone.  

We have outlined the system we use, but feel free to adapt it to make it work for you and your time abroad.