How to Choose the Right School

The Only Checklist & Planner you need.   

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Choosing a school for your child is one of the biggest decisions you will make.
This search is particularly overwhelming when you aren’t sure about the academic calendars, curriculum or entrance criteria. Do you choose an International or Local school. Sadly you may not know anyone well enough yet to ask for a trusted opinion, and you don’t have much time to make a decision.  
We have done the thinking for you, taking advice from a British Independent Schools Inspector as to what we should be looking for and considering when selecting a school.    
- Initial Research Guide
- Checklist of things to look for when visiting school
- Questions to ask the Headteacher
- Simple table to help compare all the details allowing you to make the most informed decision.  

Leaving you time to you really enjoy having fun with the kids and helping them settle in or time to research the fun stuff like where to go on your next family weekend away.  

This was such a lifesaver, I had no idea what questions to ask the headteacher, and no idea of all the 101 difference there could be, from school transport, lunch time provision, uniforms, and then the actual learning itself! Thank you so much for putting everything together in one place, it certainly has helped having all the information in one place.
— Stephanie Glover
Moving Checklist

A Note from Hannah

We have 3 small children, with our eldest about to start "big school" next year. We looked around so many schools, and compared them all to the curriculum my husband and I were familiar with. We knew we wanted them to go to a local school, rather than an International one, but there were just so many things to think through. 

We sort LOTs of advice, from other head teachers, school inspectors, and trusteed friends and family! 

All of these are now covered in this helpful planner / check list. I hope it helps you to have more confidence when selecting a school that works for your child at this particularly time.