Don't you worry about getting shot!" 

As soon as you tell people you are moving to South Africa, the usual response isn't positive!

With no one to ask, its easy to start worrying and doubting your decision,

Are we making the right decision, can it really be that dangerous? 

Stop relying on Google and random people, who fill your head with horror stories.

Let us give you the information you need.

We can connect you with people who are choosing to extend their contracts. 

Families that feel safe, whose kids are jumping in and out of the swimming pool 101 times every day. 

Couples who are escaping to the bush for their weekend break, before heading to the coast to relax on their own private beach. 

Let us connect you with expats who have started their own company, reinvented their careers and taken the time to know who they are and what they want from their time overseas.  

The opportunities here are endless.

Allow us to help you discover them, but be warned you probably wont ever want to leave.      

How we can support your move to South Africa


Source your Perfect Home

We are able to perfectly match your brief with a number of houses which are specifically reserved for expat leases. These properties never even hit the public market. Making it easier for you to secure before you even arrive. 

An Extra Pair of Hands

 to take care of all the details

Moving to Johannesburg

Your uGogo give you all the advice and support you need. A ugogo is similar to your own personal assistant, someone to take care of everything. Allowing you to arrive and walk into your new home which is all set up and ready to go! Your own uGogo is on call to give you the information you need when you need it. Drawing upon their own personal experiences together with advice from previous expats you are given trustworthy recommendations quickly and effortlessly. 

They will even book in your first bush break to ensure you are maxmising your time from the get go. 



Moving to South Africa

There is no need to do this all on your own. Reinventing your life abroad whether its your first move or every 2-3years is incredibly tiresome and very isolating. Allow us to support you throughout each stage the set up through to continuing your career.




Why Translating Me? 

moving abroad expat life
  • First Hand Experience of life in South Africa 
  • We guide you through the practical and emotional
  • Settle in 6 Steps - We have simplified the process. 
  • Accessible - just an email or phone call away 
  • Tailored Service - we personalise our service to your specific needs
  • Support for all the family - we provide services to assignee, partner and children
  • Limitless - we will support you throughout your time abroad, not just for the first few months 

Translating - Hannah 


Moving to Johannesburg

I'm a British expat who relocated to South Africa in 2010. 

I didn't really know what to expect when agreeing to move here. Both my husband and I completely underestimated the impact the move would have on my career, my confidence and my identity.  

Yet, moving here was the best thing that could have happened. It has given me a new perspective of whats important and the chance to redesign my life without the cultural expectations and judgements from friends and family back at home.  

Now, each morning I work with wonderful expats to ensure they see and experience the best of South Africa.  Its my aim that when the time comes to leave, you know who you are, who you have helped, and have a bucket load of experiences and stories that will last a lifetime. 

Moving to Johannesburg

Put the kettle on, put your feet up and get a glimpse of South African via by following me over on Instagram Stories. 



Are you currently based in South Africa and have a product or service that will support expats moving here?

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