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Make An Impact During Your Time Abroad.

Let's be honest, living abroad is hard work. All our normal daily habits are no longer relevant, we have to relearn each and every detail. How we communicate, work, travel, where we live, how we live, all of it needs reprogramming and there are important decisions to be made over a relatively short period of time. 


Moving abroad may have seemed like a great idea 6 months ago, but now? Maybe you aren't so sure? You crave that structure, routine and community that has been left behind, now life is pretty overwhelming, complex and at times very lonely.


Translating Me, has a proven 6 step process to help you get the clarity, and motivation that you need to wake up excited about all the opportunities available in that day.

We simplify life abroad for people who have made some big changes to their life and now want to figure out how to readjust and reinvent who they are. 

Without strong personal and professional aspirations, you run the risk of drifting through your time abroad by getting lost in daily chores. Before you know it you are back home with a huge bucket list and maybe a few regrets of the things you could have seen, or person you could have been.

The Identity Project supports you to become more intentional over the experiences you would like to have, more prepared for the challenges. It will ensure you are in a position both mentally and logistically to maximise the opportunities available.  

Registration for the Identity Project is Now Open


Imagine what you can do - with a dedicated support network of expats from across the world. Think how they provide you with the right tools, resources and ideas to help navigate the common challenges of life abroad. You will gain the knowledge of how you can ensure 2 years of focused action.

The Identity Project will be your launchpad, making sure this move,- will be the one you look back on as the event that changed your life for the better. The move that brought you to greater things. 

expat, moving abroad
expat life, moving abroad

It's Possible - I Get It - I've Been There! 

"The Identity Project will support you to create your worth from who you are, rather than allowing your career to define you"
expat, moving abroad

The Identity Project is all about rediscovering your Identity and Shaping Your Life Abroad 

Our unique online programme will open up new pathways, shining a light on possibilities and opportunities you might otherwise have never noticed. You will be held accountable to develop your dreams, turning them into concrete action plans. You'll start to notice things from a new perspective. You will be encouraged to try out new business ideas, or programmes, introduce yourself to new people, or explore new settings. All these things will rebuild your confidence, and improve your decision making skills. This all takes place within the safety of our 6 week programme.  

In Addition You Will:  
    •    Understand what makes you tick, your values and aspirations providing you confidence in your new personal brand. 
    •    Create an epic expat life, forgetting past performances
    •    Have a range of career opportunities and portable businesses ideas to investigate. 
    •    Learn tips of the trade on all things expat - from making friends, staying in touch with parents or grandparents, traveling (with or without children), the impact of raising children in a different culture. 
    •    Have your own Ultimate Expat File - with checklists / templates covering all the paperwork you need for finances / health / moving.  
    •    Paint a picture of the expat life that inspires you and others  
    •    Be part of a community of expats who are connected, supporting and learning to make the most of their time abroad.
    •    Receive ongoing support throughout the year from Translating Me Community - via exclusive Facebook Group and inspirational emails. 

expat, moving abroad
expat life, moving abroad

The Identity Project is a 6 week online course for ambitious, adventurous, passionate and big dreaming people. People who want to create the most incredible life abroad for themselves (and their families).

This programme isnt for you if you........: 

  • Aren't living abroad. 
  • Have lived in the same country for over 10 years.
  • Aren't ready to commit to trying new ways of operating.
  • Happy with the more traditional role of 'trailing spouse' enjoying the social and family opportunities on offer. 









This programme is for you if you.......:

  • Want to wake up excited by the days opportunities, rather than feeling lost and isolated 
  • Want to start something new, just not sure how or where to start. 
  • Want to develop a portable career, and are prepared to think creatively about how to get something started. 
  • Want to get your sense of purpose and identity back. 
  • Want to gain a deeper connection with your host country, by developing your own understanding of the business environment, local people and culture. 
  • Want to prioritise yourself, rather than continually running errands for others 
  • Are frustrated by the lack of your own personal and professional development. 
  • Want to put your skills and experiences to use in a productive way. 
  • Are ready to invest in yourself, to challenge yourself to do things differently, Make changes to create a Successful Life Abroad.
EXPAT, living abroad

Due to the nature of Expat life there are several stages, whether you have just arrived, or been abroad for 5+ years. This programme consists of core modules that are relevant for all stages, and then you are able to select personalised workshops tailored to your current situation.  

expat life, moving to Africa

Take a sneak peak inside the Identity Project 

1 Course 

6 Weekly Modules 

expat, moving abroad,

Translating Goodbye - Building Your Foundations

Supporting you to organise your move to ensure long term success for all the family.

We Will Cover:

  • Identifying your own Core Values by systematically saying goodbye emotionally and physically.
  • Completing your past, leaving behind your excess luggage.  
  • The practicalities of moving, checklists (what to pack, & leave behind)
  • The Ultimate Moving Planner (ensuring nothing or no one is left behind)  
expat life, moving abroad

Translating Culture - What's your story 

Getting to grips with beliefs, mindset and identifying the best approach to gain credibility quickly  

We Will Cover

  • Identification of the Values and Beliefs that shape Culture 
  • What adaptations do I need to make to allow for my New Culture?
  • Identification of personal bias and personal trigger points. 
  • Whats my Plan B / C / D - when things don't go to plan? 
  • 6 Strategies for Surviving Your First Few Weeks (and creation of habits for initial few months). 

expat life, moving abroad

Translating Systems - The ultimate Life Abroad planner 

Everything you need all in one place, accessible anywhere, any time, by any member of the family, (retails at $50)

We Will Cover: 

  • Templates for Everything - medical, emergency numbers, checklists for finding schools, homes, visas, moving - anything logistical you will find here, and its beautiful. 
  • Best apps for your phone, and computer (organisation, entertainment, and personal)
  • Video guide - How to set up Evernote, a productivity hub for the whole family. 

expat life, moving abroad

Translating me - my personal brand

You are finally settled, but whats next? Not sure who I have become? 

We Will Cover: 

  • How to get clarity on knowing exactly what it is you want from your time abroad.
  • Easy process to reinvent yourself.  
  • Challenge current ways of thinking and operating - identification of what needs to change. 
  • Identification of your Passions and Motivations to create your own Vision Statement & Brand Promise.  
  • Bucket list of all the experiences that will make life abroad fun and memorable. 

expat life, moving abroad

Translating My Career 

We Will Cover: 

  • Strategies and ideas from successful Portable Business Owners/ Professionals. 
  • Creating a plan and how to stick to it. 
  • Forming daily and weekly routine that gives meaning and purpose. 
  • Accountability.  

expat life, moving abroad

Translating My Community 

Creating meaningful relationships.

We Will Cover: 

  • Expat relationships - how to make them work. 
  • Raising Children across cultures. 
  • The Expat Friendship - how to become a better friend, both at home and abroad. 
  • Building your community of support.
expat, moving abroad

Your Investment

  • The Identity Project - $399
  • Premium (course + one to one coaching session) $799

Early Bird Bonuses 

  • The first and second person to sign up will receive a complimentary one-to-one coaching call and a full review of their goals and action plan valued at $1000. 

Use the call at anytime during the course to work through your priorities, goal setting process, or action plan. Receive a full personalised review after submitting your worksheet at the end of week 6.   

  • Third and Fourth person to sign up will receive a personalised review of their submitted worksheets at the end of the course. Plus free entrance to Review of 2017.  Worth $500

  • Fifth person to register will receive complementary entrance to Review of Year 2017.

Previous Participants have gone on to achieve: 

Creation of Social Enterprise in Jewellery - Gabi on 12th

Gained funding to establish Africa's first Children's Museum - Play Africa

Gained full accreditation and work permit to secure job as Architect in South Africa

Creation of small boutique business providing hotel snacks (providing better work/ life balance) 

Secured part time job whilst supporting partner's expat assignment

Publish first book

Launched and monetised their blog    

Have Questions? See below or drop us an email


Don't I get this covered by our company through our relocation package?

Ideally yes! Sadly the reality is the relocation packages often focuses on the physical and logistical side of moving, and then lets you get on with it. The success or failure of expat assignment is 9 times out of 10 due to the happiness of the spouse, which comes down to many more factors than where to live and how to get a car. This course looks at process of reinvention, how to get a new career, find friends, and create your new daily routine to ensure you have more purpose and structure to your day.  


I am really busy right now, but can I buy the course and gain access at a later date? 

The great thing about digital courses is that you can fit them in around your current schedule. We recommend you try to block out a period of time each week to complete the modules at the same pace as the rest of the group, however if this isn’t available then yes you can complete at a later date. Please note the price will increase each time we offer the course, to be sure to grab a place now for maximum value. 


Our internet is really slow, so video and live streaming maybe a problem? 

Each module will have an audio recording that can be downloaded (maybe from a coffee shop or office if your wifi at home is slow),  also the full manuscripts will be available so in the worst case scenario you can always read and follow along in the workbooks without the access online to supporting guides.  


I have already moved and quite settled - so will most of it be irrelevant?

Brilliant that you are all settled, this course has core modules and some that are optional, so you are able to ensure the course is relevant to your stage of expat life.


I have attended a previous Women Wine and Wisdom offline - is this the same material?

There is a mix of old and new material, but the best news - once you have paid for a Women, Wine and Wisdom place, you get a lifetime access to the course. So there is no need to pay again - just sign up to receive your log in credentials.  


If I sign up - What happens next? Whats the process? 

Once you have completed the registration form, we will get back to you within the next 24 - 48 hours to accept your place (we want to make sure you are the right person to benefit from the course). Once you have been accepted and made your payment you will receive a welcome email from me with your workbook attachment ready for you to print before our first week together.  


Are my credit / debit card details secure? 

Yes, All payments are processed through our payment processor and are 100% secure. 


Can I get access to the course all at once or only in pieces? 

Its completely up to you how you would like to access the course, we recommend completing one module each week and have structured the videos, challenges and email that way. But if you are moving next - you are welcome to complete them all over a weekend! 


How long will I have access to the programme? 

You can download the workbook onto your computer so you will always have full access. You will then be given lifetime access to the course, so for as long as the programme is running you will be invited to join each new update.


What if I have a question or need support? 

Thats what we are here for - let us now how we can help you out by emailing us here -


What if this product doesn’t meet my needs? Do you offer refunds? 

No problem, I offer a full money back guarantee. If you buy The Identity Project and don't agree that its worth every penny, I will gladly offer you a refund. All I ask is that you fully participate in the programme, so just drop us a line with the initial 3 modules of worksheets completed, I will promptly refund your money, no questions asked, no hassle. Please note we don't offer a change of mind refund. You must demonstrate that you have completed the initial few modules before requesting a refund. 


How often does The Identity Project run - once I sign up - do I pay again to access it in the future? 

Currently we are running the programme throughout the year, you can access the programme at a time that suits you best. The wonderful thing is - once you are in, you are friend for life, no need to pay again. Each time we make improvements and updates there will be a slight price increase. So be sure to get the best value for money and grab your place now. 

The Identity Project is a unique programme for those people who are just about to move or currently living abroad. It supports those who want to make the most of their time and to quickly build their credibility.

 It's for people who know what they want from life, but need that accountability and support to nudge them in the right direction.

It's for those people who are searching for a balance between their own ambitions and that of their family and partner's and looking for all the resources to stay organised and focused. 


It's for you if you want to look back at your time abroad knowing you rocked it, you laughed, cried, connected and understood this life can be lived through a different lens. 


Ready to Join Us?