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Its time to stop living in your partners shadow. 

Too many expats move abroad, and life a live without meaning, without focus, and drive. I want to change that, to ensure you regain the purpose and pride over your work. There are too many skills and talents left behind in excess luggage, and its time to change that. To champion expats who are bravely stepping out of the mould, using technology to equip themselves for the future.   

I will help you too: 

🌟3 ways Technology has changed how we work

🌟 Create a robust strategy to ensure you stay relevant in your industry.

🌟 How to realign your cv to make your time abroad a strength rather than a weakness.

🌟 How social media can help you to curate your own career path, running parallel to your partners.

Sounds good, doesn't it?


Jobs for expats

The very First Step to Re Start your Career

You want to activate your skills and talents again into something that will support you and your family's global lifestyle, something that you don't have to restart after every move, then this is your first step that you need to do before anything else. We will teach you how by becoming a Social Media Manager you can do just that!

Jobs for expats

3 Mistakes Most Expats Make 

Good news - you are not the first person to start a project on the side, or invest in their own business. I spent the past 5 years interviewing people who have been successful, and also those who gave up.

I will be sharing these 3 mistakes most people make when starting out - and how you can avoid them. To make sure you make 2019 the year you got your career back on track.  


What happens if Im not tech savvy?

No worries! None of us are. The best thing about becoming a social media manager is how simple it is to learn. You are not too old, or too anything to find a way for Social Media to support you reach your career ambitions.


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β€œTell me what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
— Mary Oliver