Is it Time to reinvent your career?

We champion expats who are bravely stepping out of the mould.

People who want to use their time abroad to further their careers rather than be held back, and labelled unemployable or irrelevant.  

We support you to reimagine your own version of success. To create a weekly routine that excites you, that gives you purpose, and enables you to do the things you need to create something you are proud off.

Whether thats learning new skills, researching new interests, starting a side hustle, creating your own business, going freelance, it doesn't matter. We support you to create your own personal brand that enables you to remain relevant working from anywhere.   


How we can support your progress your career? 


Become A Global Intern And Work Regardless Of Where You Live.

Portable Career

Our radical approach gives you everything you need to diversify your skills, to enable you to work for yourself, from anywhere as a Social Media Manager. It’s also ensures you are future proofing yourself to enable you to have experiences and skills to talk about in future interviews.

We have brought together the untapped talents of expats from all over the world, to work alongside local companies looking for fresh talent. So you will put your new digital skills to use before you have even gained your first client.

There really is nothing else quite like it.

We run 3 intakes each year, all learning is done online, with virtual lessons, workshops, masterclasses and one to one coaching. Making it accessible and relevant to you wherever you currently call home.

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Moving to Johannesburg

Every week we provide the latest research into how technology is changing the way we work, our selection of portable jobs and free training. Come and join us, and start to progress your career today.  



Moving to South Africa

There is no need to do this all on your own. Reinventing your life abroad whether its your first move or every 2-3years is incredibly tiresome. Allow us to support you to develop your freelance career together with other expats from across the world. 


Translating - Hannah 


Moving to Johannesburg

I'm a British expat who relocated to South Africa in 2010. 

I didn't really know what to expect when agreeing to move here. Both my husband and I completely underestimated the impact the move would have on my career, my confidence and my identity.  

Yet, moving here was the best thing that could have happened. It has given me a new perspective of whats important and the chance to redesign my life without the cultural expectations and judgements from friends and family back at home.  

Now, each morning I work with wonderful expats to ensure they see and experience the best of living abroad.  Its my aim that together we can rebrand the term "Trailing Spouse" to ensure that we all return home with a range of job opportunities. 

Moving to Johannesburg

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