You’re excited about moving to South Africa. 

But where the hell are you going to live?

Do you move close to the school community, work or trendy bars, parks and cafes? 

You want to feel safe, so maybe a gated community is best, but then you don't want to be stuck in the middle of no where, with a huge commute to work.  

You're not the first expat to have simple expectations; to feel safe; have a nice light airy home, with a good size garden for the kids to play in.

I don't want you to settle or get plonked into any old house.   Let me find you a house you will love, a place to call home, to create family memories around the kitchen table, and enjoy long Sunday lunches on the patio.

Your perfect home.  


You’ve called the estate agents and looked on property 24..... but there are just too many options and when you ring to enquire about the ones you like - it's no longer available. 

Then there is security, what are the key things I need to have? But do I have to have it all - and spend the next few years living locked away in a dark prison!! 

This is meant to be a dream move for you and your family and it’s fast turning into a big source of stress and anxiety.

Ideally you want to arrive and get settled as quickly as possible, without spending ages in temporary accommodation. 

But it has to be the right home, the last thing you want is to feel unsettled and unhappy in your home.

You are just one of many clients on the estate agents' books, and they just dont really get what you are looking for - you feel like they are offering the old stock because you are foreign and so don't know any better. Your relocation agent has been great, may they also don't really understand your brief. 

Just imagine what it would be like to finally find your dream home in South Africa. To picture what your new life will be like. To start buying the furniture that will fit into the rooms.

To be settled.

I Get It.......  

Imagine having someone who knows the local area and neighbourhoods, who knows exactly what it’s like to move to South Africa with their family and start completely from scratch.

Imagine finding the the right house for you and your family – before it even goes on the market.

The right house, in the right area, near the right schools, the right cafes, etc – the house that’s perfect for you….

Without the stress. Without the drama.

No more being gazumped, and losing out.

No more worrying that you’ve found the right house in the wrong area.

No more worrying about security.

About being lonely.

No more being offered houses that don’t meet your brief.

No more missing out on great houses, because you’re held back by slow agents.

No more being fobbed off with old stock that other people have rejected.

One less thing to worry about.

Find the dream home.

Big house, big garden, swimming pool.

Space for guests and family to visit and create memories.

Better than what you’re in.


So that you can focus on feeling excited about your future. Start planning the trips and fun stuff.

So you can get on the plane, knowing that you’re going home. Everything is set up and ready for you.

It’s all possible! This dream home is within reach.

I’m here to help you find it. 

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We specialise in helping expats moving to South Africa to find their dream homes.

I can help you find a home which meets your brief. The right home for you. The perfect size, in the right neighbourhood for your lifestyle. Regardless of your budget. 

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You complete a brief.

We have an in depth phone consultation, so I can fully understand what you do and don't want. Plus answer any of your initial concerns and queries.

Comprehensive Search - sourcing a range of properties (both on and off the market).

I can then personally show you around or arrange for one of our team to show you the neighbourhoods, and the variety of properties available.  

I then make recommendations on the lease, and what should and shouldn't be included or expected. Oversee any additional security features and modifications you would like done. 

Provide recommendations and source interior decorates, white goods, furniture and other house hold items that are required to be ready for you to step off the plane and into your new home. 


It takes guts and bravery to restart your life in a new country. Your home needs to be perfect, its the place you will spend all your time, the place you will have friends and family to stay, and the place memories of a lifetime will be made. 

Don't comprise, or waste time going to see homes that aren't going to make you happy. 

Allow me to find the house of your dreams. 

Please note there is no charge for this service. 

Let us know the property you are looking for by Clicking the 'Find me a home' button below. 


Not just houses 

If you need a broader package of relocation support, we provide taylor made support packages to support your Look and See visit through to our monthly Relocation Assistance Packages, that will set you up with schools, cars, doctors, and nannies.  


Calling all Landlords.......

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