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"Things work differently here" 

Let us help you out, whether you have lived in South Africa for 10 minutes or 10 years, our local assistants will support you to get the right paperwork, recommend and source trusted suppliers to enable you more time out exploring and doing what you do best. 

It's time to get your ducks in a row  

TRN, moving to South Africa

Unsure you have everything you need in one place 

Do you have a......

Moving to South Africa, TRN

- Plan for all Emergencies

- Life planner - Finance / Medical / Travel / Day to Day

- Tracker for your (and your children's) progress

- Capture everything (medication, education records, special moments) 

- Measure your results - Goals, Budget

- How to Guides (buy car / house / select school / move)



In a nutshell, if you life abroad, you can not afford to be without this resource.  





Don't have time to complete it all yourself

Sign up to our Local Assistant service who can walk you through the processes and put it all together for you. 

Local Assistant 

We know how much paperwork is involved when moving here, our Local Assistants will help you to go paperless, putting it all into searchable documents online for you. So next time you are looking for a document you can use a search box on your phone to find it - rather than spending hours / days / weeks searching through boxes.

Your own Personal Assistant can support you too:

- Arrange all your paperwork into helpful folder (both hard copy and online)  

- Complete all the 101 forms and processes you need to do when you move here 

        * Set Up Bank Accounts

        * Traffic Registration Number & Registration/ Change in Car ownership

        * Registering for Rates and Utilities at City of Joburg,  

        * Car /House / life insurance    

        * Gym / Country Club Memberships 

- Neighbourhood Tour 

- Furniture Rental / Sourcing 

- DSTV /Fibre installation, 

- Mounting TV on your wall 

- Putting up pictures 

- Staff Placement

- Annual Events Calendar (sourcing and booking tickets for you) 


Sign Up below (don't forget we always offer a no questions asked money back guarantee and have no minmium contract) so give us a try and allow us to get you in the best place possible to make up your mind on whether or not to move here. 


New in Town and want to meet people 

Here is a sneak peak at one of our events - watch the video below....... 

#TranslatingJoburg is a unique series of fun networking events both online (via webinars) and in person, that explore the best of Joburg both professionally and personally. Each event brings together expats, newcomers and a few Joburg natives who want to learn more about the city and share its hidden gems. Each month we pick a new theme and sometimes invite a guest speaker to come inspire, entertain and inform us about the place we currently call home. 

NETWORK | GET INSPIRED | PLAY to your fullest potential as we delve deeper into the stories of Joburg, translating her secretes her not so well hidden treasures and share the marvels that will provide you your own stories and memories to share as you look back on your time here in South Africa. 

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