5 Tips for Working on the Go

This follows on from my post last week on my top Jozi Coffee Shops to work from with fast wifi. This post is for those reading not from Jo’burg, but who are freelance and enjoy getting out and about to work whoever you maybe in the world.

Initially I was so excited to set up an office at the bottom of our garden and was so smug hearing the boys playing away whilst I worked. Little did I realise that within a few weeks they realised mummy’s hiding space and came in for regular LONG cuddles. Precious but not productive.  As a result it wasn’t long before I was on the road again working from coffee shops and co working spaces.

Here are my tips for working on the go -


One of my favourite conversations with friends in the UK are what apps are you using?? I feel a bit out of the technological loop due to being a mum and living in SA (naturally a bit behind when it comes to apps/ WIFI).  Yes I am a geek! But those who are interested here are the apps I LOVE:

  • Evernote 

I have notebooks for all my kids (take photos of their art work, capture things they say, clothes I need to buy for them, present ideas……..) then I have notebooks for admin, contacts (scan in business cards of contacts) dreams, and business folders, in fact I have recorded a vide on how I use Evernote - check it out here

Dropbox/ Google Drive - 

At the end of my white mac book life, I decided to move everything online, I now have all my files and folders in the cloud, so when I am back in the UK or traveling I have access to everything I need.

  • When ordering coffee - order a water too.


I love the practice in New York that waiters automatically bring you tap water as soon as you sit down. I wish Jo’burg coffee shops / restaurants did that too. Stay hydrated, keep water in the car (use glass bottle rather than plastic) and it will soon become a habit to stay hydrated.

  • Be focused 

Before you even open your laptop have a clear idea of the top 3 things you want to achieve in that session. Don’t get distracted by emails / social media.

  • Have a routine.

I am STILL trying to crack this one.  I totally know the theory and agree with it, but I just don’t have enough discipline or get side tracked. BUT we are creatures of habit, so if we put ourselves into a morning routine, or routine to carry out when working (work for 45 minutes slots, then take water/ coffee break), listen to music, do the same things each and every time, you manage to trick your mind into get more done, because you don’t have to think about things, they are all habitual.  Let me know if you have another trick….

  • Take note of those around you.

If you are working in coffee shop, look up every now and then and smile at those around you, ask others to watch over your lap top whilst popping to the toilet. We live in a social world, make sure you use your social skills offline as well as on.

Which one are you going to try this next week? What are some of your own tips you try stick too?Let us know in the comments below