5 Signs You Are Approaching 'MUMMY' Burnout


You check your phone instead of engaging out with those closest to you.


You're so tired you don’t want to go out for dinner


You cant remember when the last time was you danced the night away


You resent that your husband gets to drink hot coffee at work and have chance to go to the toilet by himself, and can be known to bite his head off the moment he walks through the door


You haven’t been exercising


Maybe you have different tell-tell signs that life as a mother isn’t all it cracked up to be. I had hoped I would be the kind of mother who baked fresh bread and sculptured their strawberries (yes that’s a real thing).  In reality, I often have no idea how to play with my children, and feel guilty for not really enjoying playing with them. Especially when the morning usually starts with 35 questions or demands within the first 5 minutes:

“Come on mummy its breakfast time”
“Mummy I don’t want oats,”
“Mummy I can’t find my toothbrush”
“Mummy I don’t want that toothpaste”
“I don’t want to wear that”
“Can we watch TV?”
“Can I take these 50 toys to school?”
“Mummy x just hit me”
“I don’t want you to brush my hair”

I them chase them round the house just to change a nappy or get them dressed, and its only 7am!

So something had to change, otherwise mummy burnout or depression was on the cards. The simple answer, was self care. I had to figure out how to gain more freedom, to take time for myself, so I could then be the mother, wife, friend and person I wanted to be.

Professional Athletes and most religions see the value in rest days, yet as mothers we keep going and going. We then expect bells and whistles for mothers day (which often leaves us disappointed) rather than taking the responsibility to make ourselves happy. Prioritising a bit of self-care every week, or month can help us take this rest.

Self care for me looks like running 3 mornings a week, getting into a routine for cooking for the week at the weekends, and setting time for set up my own business.

Its time for us to take responsibility for knowing what makes us smile more, and making it happen so you and your family are happier.

Share with us in the comments below what it takes for you to SMILE more and STRESS less - DO you have any other tell tell burnout triggers that I haven’t covered here tell us below?


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