Bring back Afternoon Tea

It doesn't have to be in the afternoon, but the act behind traditional afternoon tea is worth introducing to your daily routine. Its an ideal opportunity to slow down and check in with yourself to help identify where your habits and routines are taking you. We do this because we believe taking stock of the little moments can make a big difference to our day. We find Tea the perfect accompaniment for this daily piece of peace.   

It doesn't even have to be tea that you drink, but make some time to have a glass of water, coffee or just a break in your daily routine to reflect and think. 

Here's our recommended process: 

1. Grab a cup tea (glass of wine / glass water)

2. Go and sit somewhere nice, ideally quiet and inspiring,

3. Switch off from technology - or leave it behind

Here are some questions to get you started - we then provide you with a new question each week - make sure you follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to join our  #dailyteabreak conversations:  

How is your day going,
Remember something that made you smile today. 
Have you made someone else smile today?
What is the focus?
What have I learnt today?  


It has been proven that top executives that took a small break each day were 10 times more successful than those that kept their head down. So go put the kettle on, its time for tea.


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