Get Inspired by Nature

My past 5 years living in South Africa has taught me so much about this wonderful place we have come to call home. One of the biggest lessons has been appreciating the nature of nature. It was early on a morning game drive, in the pouring rain, when I realised there is only so much our 5* game lodge can control. They can not control the animals, landscape, or the weather.  

Nature doesn’t hurry, it does things in its own time (Click to Tweet)

- and yet the ‘circle of life’ continues’. (Thank you Elton, secretly I am always singing Lion king to myself on Safari).  

The world we live in however, is far from that the  natural pattern of life’s. We strive to connect, we strive to consume and by doing so we strive to thrive.  

A recent study by Matt Killingsworth (Click to watch TED talk) on happiness found that the single greatest factor on our level of happiness is whether we are able to stop your mind from wandering, to not think back or worry about what you are doing next. Just to be present. 

Sadly technology encouraging us to multi task isn’t making life better for us with the average age of techno-depression being 14yrs old and 80% Harvard students experience this depression to the point of non functioning.  

My own natural breaks have been eroding fast.   The peace of my walk or bike ride to work in London, or (sometimes) staring out of a window during the working day has been replaced by podcasts, social media and emails.  

LOOK closely a Rainbow "Can I catch it?" 

LOOK closely a Rainbow "Can I catch it?" 

Of course there will be periods of high stress and often that stress enhances our performance. However if we look at high performing athletes - their training schedule is built around their rest periods, the relaxation that is needed to ensure they are ready to perform at their best when it matters.  This is why one of the main values at Translating Me is Recovery - we challenge all our clients to become proactive and schedule in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly breaks to their routine. 

If you need help in noticing the small things around us then I suggest you hang out with small kids.  For all the joys and noise they bring, Kids notice the small things. Kids notice things and then they loudly and proudly ask questions.  “Why are the leaves on the ground not the tree’s,- why does that man walk with a stick,  mummy why are you always on your phone.” That last one is- sadly true for me, and I am grateful for my kids to keep me in check! A recent client now places their phones on chargers as soon as they enter their home - which has become a phone free environment. 


Can you structure in a 15 minute break each day to pause or focus entirely on person? Take a friend to Tea, or sit down and have drink with a loved one without the distractions of modern life. Long live the Tea break.

We will be here to give you a boat load of inspiration, encouraging you to make a commitment to take a step away, and drink tea. Its our hope that you notice the extraordinary in the ordinary, this small new habit might just be the best decision you make!

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Click above to be taken to our sign up page, just pop in your details to start receiving our free worksheets and tips on how to get focused on the things that matter most to you.