Introduction to Time for Tea

We are Translating Me, a team of revitalised former professionals turned mothers/ expats, determined to bring out the best in ourselves and those around us.

If you’re someone who:

  • Moved to a new country, and now aren’t too sure what your next step is on the career ladder or how to make the most of all this time you have been given.
  • Innately feels that there’s more to life than working back in your old job that you’re not passionate about. But not sure what else to do?
  • Have moved abroad, but now what? How can you make the most of this stage of life? 
  • Perhaps even find yourself increasingly pondering life’s bigger questions……

….then this blog is dedicated to you. Welcome - come enjoy a cup of tea with us. 

We've been there, and if you’re anything like we were, you’re the folks with a genuine hunger to understand how to make the most of your new situation, take charge of what’s next for you, and possibly your family.

Sorry to break it to you but:

  • There are no quick wins
  • And even fewer shortcuts

If you’re enticed by “5 Secrets to this” or the “10 Steps to that” then you’re normal, but be aware that much of today’s marketing is designed to capitalise on the ego’s desire to avoid you doing any true deep work.

The real, extraordinary, sustainable kind of self-discovery/change is no smooth sailing.

So if you’re wondering who I am to be talking about the timeless secrets of attaining lifelong happiness? Permit me to briefly explain.

My purpose is to support people to slow down and celebrate the small and ordinary.  My children have taught me to view the extraordinary in the ordinary of life. I realised that my daughter was truly happy at the smallest of things, she wasn’t constantly striving to have it all, she didn’t have an image of how things are supposed to be, she just lives in the present, noticing those things around her. She challenged me to slow down, to stop striving, and to not put boundaries on what she is capable off (this is another blog post)!

So each day I drink a cup of tea, I make a conscious decision to reflect upon my day, be grateful of what I have and enjoy this journey of motherhood, living abroad, setting up a business, friendship and family without pressing, or allowing myself to be concerned about whats next.

Professionally by day I help people to get the very best out of themselves - if that’s a little unfamiliar to you - consider this your initiation into the wonderful world of professional coaching.
Through this blog we’ll talk about what coaching is (and what it isn’t) and how coaching techniques are changing the world we live in.  By freeing our imaginations and creative minds and developing these skills we can transform lives. 

Finding joy in life's little moments 

Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgiving

turn routine jobs into joy,

and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.

— William Arthur Ward

So, if you’re ready to start questioning the status quo and are curious to explore what the best you truly looks like - then sign up below for our first challenge - complete your personal checklist - to highlight what you would like to focus on over the next month or so. 

Click above to be taken to our sign up page - just pop in your details and you can then you can start getting focused on the things that matter most to you. 

Click above to be taken to our sign up page - just pop in your details and you can then you can start getting focused on the things that matter most to you.