Ted Talk - All Expats should watch

This is a great TED talk to watch over you tea break this weekend - 

It follows on from my last post on our Identity Project, if you need some inspiration, on figuring out who you then Caroline Casey's  Ted Talk will help! I found it incredibly motivating and challenging (and left me in a ball of tears). Its one of those talks whereby you can't possibly watch and not be challenged to take away some form of opinion.  

Some of my own take aways (and would love to know yours!):

  • Caroline knows who she is, and wasn't afraid to try new things.  
  • She challenged my own prejudices. 
  • I am very quick to place labels / limitations on people (especially my own kids). 
  • Would I raise my child in a similar way.

Some of my favourite quotes from her talk: 

No Labels, No Limitations
Do you know how exhausting it is to be perfect when your not, 
Here I am this is me, all of me
I needed vision and belief 

It challenged my attitude on how quickly I judge, or to disbelieve what could be possible. How I think about and focus on my childrens' faults or challenges.  

I would love to know your thoughts - would you parent in this way?

What advice would you have given Caroline aged 20 if she was your friend?

What would your life look like if you had same courage Caroline has to accepted who you are??

Share with us your thought and opinions either below, or over on Facebook  or Twitter  

For further info on Caroline and the work she does to create inclusive business click here to go to the Kanchi Network