2017 Create your Vision Board

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I came across this wonderful way of creating and updating your vision board for 2017!

Thank you Goodful for another great tip- https://www.instagram.com/goodful/

What you need

  • 16×20 picture frame with inner mat
  • Glue stick
  • Healthy/Inspirational magazines
  • Scissors
  • Double sided Velcro tape
  • Dry erase markers

The instructions:

1. Remove the back of the 16×20 picture frame and set aside the contents, including the inner white mat.
2. Go through magazines and clip out the motivational phrases and pictures that speak to you. About 25 clip-outs are ideal for a 16×20 frame.
3. On the white mat, place your magazine cut-outs where you would like them to be glued. Make sure to fill any empty white spaces.
4. Use a glue stick to glue the cut-outs down to the white mat.
5. Place the white mat back into the empty picture frame and secure the back of the frame.
6. Use your pair of scissors to cut a 1-inch strip of double sided Velcro tape.
7. Place one side of the tape on the top corner of the picture frame.
8. Place the other side of the Velcro tape on the side of your dry erase marker.
9. Hang on the wall and stay motivated every day!

Have you created your vision board for 2017? Never seen the point in them? There is a ton of research suggesting the impact that writing your goals down makes them 3 times more likely to occur (you are wiring our brain to remember them).

Join us for our Kick Start 2017 Webinar on 25th January to get inspiration and information on how you can become more intentional this year. 

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Already created your vision board? We would love to see it, share it with us by tag us and #livingwellabroad over on Instagram or Facebook.  


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