Printable Advent Calendar and 30Day Festive Food Bank

#30DayFestivaFoodBank Gabrielle Treanor donations 

#30DayFestivaFoodBank Gabrielle Treanor donations 


I absolutely adore Christmas, as do my children. It has been fun celebrating christmas abroad, because it has forced us to create our own family traditions, which mainly includes fun on the beach, and lots of BBQ's / Braai's. 

Children break up here at the start of December so there is lots of time for us to prepare for and enjoy celebrating this special time of year. 

Each year we put together a "Kindess Advent Calendar" which suggests a activity for the day. 

Download a copy of our Kindness Calendar  HERE 


and another example here . 


But this year we have been inspired by the #30DayFestivaFoodBank Challenge, which encourages you to put an item of food into a box and then give it to your local food bank. Now ideally you would have done this during November, since the majority of Food Banks need additional food in December and not January. But we haven't managed to get around to it - so better later than never! 

Here is how you can get involved: 

1. Get a cardboard box (we have one for each of our children) 

2. Look up the most needed items - if in South Africa you can look on:

Food Forward:  

For Good -

3. Create your own list of items you would like to contribute (include toiletries, sanitary products, clothes, and check food expiry dates). Don't forget your christmas items - mince pie's and chocolate coins. 

4. Week before Christmas - donate your box to the local food bank. Why not include a cash donation too! 

I think this is such a great idea - can't wait to do it with the kids - who is going to join me? Think of the difference we can make!

Don't forget to share your progress with us and add the hashtag #30DayFestivaFoodBank and #livingwellabroad. 

Let me know in the comments what items you are planning on putting in your box below! 

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