Anticipation at the Airport

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My parents have just arrived in Jo’burg to enjoy the Christmas festivities which start mid November in here.  I just love going to the airport to pick them up. There is nothing more special than an airport arrivals hall for people watching, and as expats we get to spend a lot of time there.
This time around my parents flew in early on a Sunday morning, the morning of a major national bike race. It was early on a Sunday morning, and perhaps because of the difficulties getting to work caused by the bike race (a wonderful event), very few immigration officers were working and you could see  how exhausted and fed up the crowds were of waiting. I stood with my 3 year old boy at the glass window watching the people as they collected and dragged their luggage through the baggage hall- they were  hungry, thirsty and tired.
But the moment the those same tired and huddle masses came through the large electric doors, which separates the baggage hall form the arrivals hall, their faces changed from tiredness, to anticipation and then finally the magical smiles of greeting and celebration.  There for a few heart-warming moments’ friends and family meet with hugs and warm smiles and more than a few times tears of joy. All tiredness and irritation is momentarily forgotten.
When it was my parents turn to walk through those doors my 3 year exploded from my arms and ran to them, excited and joyful beyond words, he delivered a fully throttled cry of delight and sprang at their legs.  My turn for a few tears.
It has seen to us all that the Christmas spirit arrived alongside Granny and Pops. We have been writing letters to Santa, listening to carols and eating mince pie's. The tree will be up this week (we at least waited until December 1st for that!)
Yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent, a time when we are reminded to stand back in anticipation, to live in the present, to hear the whisper that says come sit here a minute and wait, to press pause and appreciate everything you have. A moment in the year, when you can listen, and watch out for the good news, as you wait, you may even be lucky enough to experience something incredible.  Just as millions of people have done throughout the ages, because of the birth of baby boy all those years ago. 

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