Super 6 African Baby Gifts

This is blog post is one of our 4 part series.  Best Souvenirs to buy in Jozi, Favourite Wedding Gifts, now we are looking at our top Baby Presents, whether newborn, first birthday or baby shower, what are the best African products to buy either for your own loved one, or as a gift. 

What are your favourite baby gifts? Share with us in the comment section below. 

Baby Products: 

What child doesn't love a JellyCat toy! My boys adore their giraffe and zebra. There are many stockist all over Joburg, we love the vast range at Nonna (online or in Parkhurst) or  Tinker Taylor in 44 Stanley.  

If you are looking for something to send home, or small to fit in your case - I have brought 100s of the Oh-lief products. Its the only range I have found that is 100% natural. I love all their products (apart from the suncream, which is a tough product to produce naturally).  

Although not many children around us seem to wear shoes - when they do - it will be a gorgeous pair of 100% leather Shoo Shoos. Easy to pack in your case, and I have yet to meet a mother who doesn't love them, so easy to slip on and off. 

Always a hit in our car - the Beautiful Creatures CDs. You can get them direct or in Exclusive Books or Baby City. My personal favourite is Ozzy the outsized Ostrich. 

We were given this book as a present and the boys adore recognising all the sites! 

Art for Child's Bedroom 

We have been on the hunt for 4 years for something for our kids bedrooms. I wanted something african, but that would grow up with them, rather than something too babyish. Here are some of the artists we have fallen in love with. Maryke Harper, and if you want to blow your budget the most incredible Bonnie Walters.

Printmakers are big in Joburg, and one of the best we have found is Fiona Pole

Fellow Expat Beverly Cox, has created a wonderful business creating beautiful art work, and toys for your childrens' bedrooms. The images are so adorable I could buy them all! 

Bonnie Walters - for our 10th wedding anniversary we commissioned Bonnie to draw our 3 children, she managed to capture their personalities, style and characters. It has given us a permanent memory of what is currently the happiest time of our lives. 

Social Enterprise: 

Inspirational project based in Prince Albert in the Karoo. Handmade by incredibly talented ladies who benefit from every product sold.

We love the blankets (image and muslins. 

Another wonderful social enterprise - Baby Noah  and their mobiles: 

Fellow Expat Sandra Stahljans is teaching local african ladies to make these beautiful dummy clips, simple concept, which has potential to make massive impact. Show your support to Sandra buy visiting her website:  

Great Shops:  

  • Essentially Life - Fox Street Market, cushion covers, homeware, silverware.  

  • Young at H-art - great wooden protea's, rhinos, maps of Africa and homeware pieces. 

  • Nonna & The Windmill, Parkhurst (stock I love Jozi, Yda Walt, and jewellery and pictures)   

  • Art Africa - Parkview - more traditional african products - lots of beaded hair bands, christmas decorations, spoons, key rings along with Yda Walts wonderful products!  
  • 27 Boxes - lovely hand bags, dresses, jewellery, and cute Shwe shwe clothes for children. 
  • Kim Sacks - Jans Smutz Yda Walts, Star Bright Girl 
  • Art on Paper - 44 Stanley 
  • ShooShoo's - baby shoes 

Great Markets:

  • Bryanston Organic Market  (Thursday and Saturdays) I love the leather sandles and the journals/ diaries.   
  • Workshop NewTown - fantastic african collection of leather items, adult and children clothing. 
  • Rosebank (Sunday mornings) selection of lots of souvenirs including etched glassware, Jozi T-Shirts / dresses / cushion covers.    
  • Fox Street Market (mainly food, but a few gems too!) Friday nights and Saturdays.


What are your favourite gifts?

Have I missed a gem that you know about?

Tell us in the comments below. 

Please note all these recommendations are my own (or fellow expats living in Joburg), no sponsorship is provided for the items listed.