Super 6 - African Wedding Presents

Last week we covered Best Souvenirs to buy in Jozi, now we are looking at Wedding Presents to buy from Africa. I always find this a bit tough, as I love to get the couple something african and slightly different, but if they themselves havent lived in Africa, then maybe they never quite get it? Or like it as much as we do?  

What is your go to Wedding Gift? Do you buy something different for those living in Africa compared to those back at home?  Share with us in the comments below. 

Wedding Gifts

There are some beautiful African luxurious brands, here are 3 I have used in the past: 

Royal African Collection

We have brought lots of items from this range, beautiful silver animal items; wine bottle coasters, cheese boards, napkin rings. Stockist at a range of jewellery stores, great prices buy directly from African Impulse Marketing. 

Carol Boyes 

Iconic South Africa designer, sold across the world, specialising in kitchen and silver homeware.  

Patrick Mavros 

Based on his homestead in Zimbabwe, he has created the most extraordinary silver sculptures, which would make the ultimate luxury gift. Maybe one day my dinning table will be home to one (or two) of his sculptures!  

Basotho Lesotho Blanket 


These beautiful tribal blankets worn as clothing by the people of Lesotho. The authentic 100% wool blanket caries a variety of symbols and colour combinations. 


Great Shops:  


  • Essentially Life - Fox Street Market, cushion covers, homeware, silverware.  

  • Young at H-art - great wooden protea's, rhinos, maps of Africa and homeware pieces. 

  • Nonna & The Windmill, Parkhurst (stock I love Jozi, Yda Walt, and jewellery and pictures)   

  • Art Africa - Parkview - more traditional african products - lots of beaded hair bands, christmas decorations, spoons, key rings along with Yda Walts wonderful products!  
  • 27 Boxes - lovely hand bags, dresses, jewellery, and cute Shwe shwe clothes for children. 
  • Kim Sacks - Jans Smutz Yda Walts, Star Bright Girl 
  • Art on Paper - 44 Stanley 
  • ShooShoo's - baby shoes 

Great Markets:

  • Bryanston Organic Market  (Thursday and Saturdays) I love the leather sandles and the journals/ diaries.   
  • Rosebank (Sunday mornings) selection of lots of souvenirs including etched glassware, Jozi T-Shirts / dresses / cushion covers.    
  • Fox Street Market (mainly food, but a few gems too!) Friday nights and Saturdays.


What are your favourite gifts?

Have I missed a gem that you know about?

Tell us in the comments below. 

Please note all these recommendations are my own (or fellow expats living in Joburg), no sponsorship is provided for the items listed.