Top 6 things to do on a Rainy Weekend in Durbs.

Moving To Durban

Yes folks, it can happen. Our sunny, long-weekend away by the pool was a wash out. 

We didn't fancy Shaka-Sea world or the Umhlanga Mega Mall, so armed with a few recommendations from friends we hopped in the car and headed for the Durban 'burbs. 

Here were five things we found to do over the weekend, things that we'd never have discovered if we'd stayed on our lounger. 

1. Pay a visit to The Phansi Musuem. Berea. A private museum in an old victorian house, a treasure trove of regional arts and crafts, amazing Zulu and Ndebele beadwork collected over the last 40 years. We were guided by an amazingly knowledgeable curator guide Phumzile Nkosi. Give them a ring before you arrive so they know you're coming. 

Ndebele bridal apron

Ndebele bridal apron

After the Phansi we had an excellent lunch in the mural-covered Ambrosia Corner Cafe in Glenwood. The Moussaka was delicious but they also do great mezze. 

2. Go on a self-guided architecture tour of the city. All over the city. Using the excellent KZNIA website, we plotted a tour based on the mid-century modern buildings of Crofton and Benjamin, we love a bit of 50's and 60's style and some of these wouldn't look out of place in Miami Beach. There are also Art Deco or Victorian Guides so you can take your pick. 

3. Chow down on Chicken Strips and Tjips on the beach at Afro's Chicken shop. South Beach. A great place to grab a bite to eat, either on the promenade of the Golden Mile or on your laps in the car as the rain streams down the windscreen. Afro's Chicken shop is in an big yellow shipping container, like the ones on the ships moored off shore waiting to come into the port. The coleslaw was excellent and the chips (or Tjips) were crisp and not at all Tsloppy. They've also got other shops around town.

Things to do in Durban

4. Visit the KZNSA gallery. Glenwood. A community run arts space, with a gallery and a great cafe, (we had a tasty and warming cup of Durban chai tea here!). They've got temporary exhibitions and we saw a very interesting one on Human Rights, with every article inspiring a etching or painting commissioned especially for that weekend's holiday. 

5. Have a delicious Ice Cream at Era. Just down the road from Greyville Racecourse. 

Well it wouldn't be a seaside holiday without one. Era is run by a fantastic lady called Penny who was on SA Masterchef. They make a fantastic range of ice creams, sundaes and cakes with weird and wonderful names. And if the weather clears up and you fancy some air you could go for a stroll in the nearby botanical gardens, where there's a beautiful orchid house, a waterlily covered pond and cheeky vervet monkeys playing under the fig trees. Just make sure they don't pinch your Rum and Raisin!


Guest Blog Written By Charles Harrison. A British Expat living In Johannesburg since October 2015.