How to have the Best Family Night in Jozi

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Most of us know the value of a date night with our partner, but how many of us place similar effort into creating family nights? A chance to put away technology and do something that the whole family will enjoy! We have decided to try and have a family night once a month, anything from movie night, or playing games, cooking together or going out for food. It is a European tradition that we would quite like to adopt.  This blog post is all about Joburg, but if you are based in another city - why not read our How to have the Best Family Date Night, which has lots of tips on creating a memorable night wherever you are. 

Whilst it is a bit harder to find kid friendly activities here in Joburg, there are some restaurants and places that we have discovered are really well geared up for the whole family: 

  • Night Tour at the Zoo - you get to see animals, take your touches and toast marshmallows on the open fire - what more could you ask for! 


  • Fishmonger / Craft / Local Grill , Col'Cacchio- these four restaurants are brilliant with kids, as soon as you arrive they bring activities for the kids to do, and have a great kids menu. The real bonus is you would go there without the kids too, so the food is great. (The milkshakes at Craft are out of this world, and ask to do the kitchen tour at the Local Grill - fantastic when you have guests to stay).  


  • Bambanani - now the food isn’t ideal, but the first Saturday of the month they have a disco and our kids just loved it - allowing my husband and I to have a lovely glass or two of wine. 


  • Monte Casino - You will love it or hate it, but for a family night, whilst I wouldn't choose to go there with friends or just my husband, its really fun with kids. They often run a variety of events - I took ours to the Christmas village for the outdoor cinema and it was brilliant (apart from the rain, and losing two of my children in the lift as the other one ran out into the car park). The event itself was really well put together with dressed up characters, beanbags to watch the family christmas movie and nice gift shops, despite my parenting fails I am looking forward to going back another time (maybe with my husband next time). In addition to the events, there is the theatre, and cinema there if you have older kids. 


  • Joburg Theatre -  Lovely theatre with some great family shows throughout the year - obviously the christmas pantomime is a hit, and this year I am looking forward to taking my daughter to the ballet there in October too. 


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  • Johannesburg Country Club - There probably isnt a weekend that goes by without us having Friday/ Saturday night or Sunday lunch here. The kids can run, and the food is freshly cooked (but therefore can take time in coming so make sure you order then go to the playground and come back when its ready).  


Children Specific Restaurants:  

What have I missed? Do you have a favourite place you like to take the kids? Please share in the comments below.