Creating your own first class seat when flying economy

kids travel

When we first moved abroad, my husbands company kindly supplied us with a number of business class flights. We were then luckily enough to be upgraded to first a couple of times. 

Sadly those days are gone, we are now the parents boarding straight to the back of the plane bashing those seats as we go past with our 101 bits of hand luggage. Thankfully the kids are now a bit older making it much easier to watch a film and enjoy the flight once again. 

So if you dont have the miles or business privileges to fly First, here are our top tips on creating a similar experience for yourself down the back of the plane. 

Tip 1: Eat before you board the plane 

Aircraft food is never going to be good and you are often left with your tray for hours before they come back round to collect it. So do yourself a favour and eat dinner at the airport beforehand. 

Tip 2: Pack your own blanket / Wrap

I usually wear one of our kikoys as a scarf which I can then use as a blankets. You can keep yourself nice and cosy and because you wear it when leaving it doesn't take up much space. 

Tip 3: The Ostrich Pillow 

Stop that crank in your neck, and make yourself comfortable with this multi task - Head / Neck or Eye pillow - The Ostrich Light.   


Tip 4: Hydrate

After security buy yourself a bottle of water which you can then refill on the plane. It saves you asking for another glass in the night, or finishing the smaller bottle they often provide. One study recommends drinking a litre of water per 5 hours on board. 

Don't forget your skin either - moisturise. Nothing better than Aesop


Tip 5: Refresh

I loved the facial spray in the first class wash bag so much that I now take my own onboard. Its the small things that can make such a difference to your mood after a long flight. Currently I have the Dermalogica Ultra Calming Mist in small 50ml bottle. 

What are your favourite products you like to take onboard with you? Do you have any travel tips - share them in the comments below.