3 Easy Tips to Start Learning a New Language Quickly

Thank you to the wonderful Elizabeth Neumann who supports people to learn Spanish. Many expats find the hardest part of moving abroad the isolation from not being able to speak the language. Elizabeth offers great advice here and on her blog http://www.spanishforsuccess.ca

moving abroad

You’ve decided to move to a new country (Congrats!), and have many things to figure out….

Do I set up a new cell phone plan for there or does this phone work? Do I need to bring a power converter or does my boyfriend have one? He must have one, right? Since he’s travelled here before…..

Do I even need one? I can’t remember!

SO much to figure out when you’re moving to a new country.

Even more when you speak only a few of the words that you need there (and really, some you aren’t even sure what they mean…)

If you need to learn a new language, you’ll want to see these tips to make it easier.

Before You Move

You can start to use this simple tip as soon as you know that you are moving to another country and need to learn the language.

To get as comfortable as possible with speaking it, make sure you’re saying any words that you learn out loud instead of just in your head.

You can say them out loud to yourself, your partner or even your dog.

As long as you start to feel comfortable hearing your own voice saying these new words, it’ll become easier to say them to other people.

Before and After You Move

As you learn more words you’ll start to see that some may be familiar to you since these words are the same or similar to English. 

The main thing to remember here is to write them down!

By the way, if you’re learning Spanish, here’s 15 words to get you started that are spelled the same and have the same meaning as English. 

After You Move

After you have some time to adjust, it’s great for you to figure out how to meet fellow expats and learn more from them.

They can give you tips to learn the language, teach you slang words, what certain gestures mean and you’ll learn through their perceptions on what they’ve liked or found different about the culture.

For example, if you’re moving to Central or South America from an English speaking country you’ll notice that even though the driving can be crazy and fast, the lifestyle allows for a slower pace where you see people prioritizing relaxation and fun with their families on the weekends or any special occasion.
So, as you’re figuring out what else you need to do before you move, remember these 3 tips to make it easier to learn the new language:

  •    Practice your new words out loud
  •    Write down the words that are the same or similar to English
  •    Meet fellow expats that can help give you tips

What other tips do you know of to learn a new language?

Elizabeth Neumann turned her love for Spanish and travelling to blogging about strategies to learn Spanish and cultural tips to use when travelling to Spanish speaking countries. To get her free mini-guide on the 5 Essential Words You Need to Know Before Travelling to a Spanish-Speaking Country (plus a bonus tip you’ll want to know about!), visit http://www.spanishforsuccess.ca/freeguide/