6 Local Johannesburg Products You Must Have in Your Fridge

moving to johannesburg

One of the best things about living abroad is the variety of new products you get to try. Here are our family favourites, and ones we will have to sneak into our luggage when the time comes to leave South Africa. 


Gourmet Greek Yoghurt 

Small family business based in KZN, we first became addicted to their double cream yoghurt when the kids were small, but now its a firm favourite in our fridge!

Click here to source your local stockist. (Usually Spa or local fruit and veg shop). 





Pauls Ice Cream  

Originally I wasn't so keen to try Pauls Ice Cream since my husband brought it back with our pizza. What quality is the ice cream going to be when sold alongside pizza? How wrong I was!!! We adore Pauls. Be sure to visit their shop in Rosebank or pick up one of their tubs from one of the many local stockist all over Joburg.

image Pauls Ice Cream

Whenever I get frustrated by not being able to find something in Woolies, or other supermarkets I head to Thrupps, who make shopping a pleasure, the staff are well trained and will always help you to find what you are looking for!  
We have lost count of the times we have braai their lamb, taken away on weekends, hosted family and friends. Its never fails to disappoint.


Fresh Orange Juice 

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You can pick up fresh orange juice from most Spa's and local fruit and veg shops, the only down side is it's 100% pure orange so doesn't keep for very long, but that doesnt seem to be a problem in our house. 

Moemas - Magic Bar 

If you like Ottolenghi's cook books you will love this place, the owner Daniella trained with him at his first restaurant in Islington London. There are so many incredible items here. But my favourite is the Magic Bar - which is like a luxury Millionaire Shortbread, with coconut, pecans, and caramel on top of a biscuit base.  

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This wouldnt be a South Africa food blog without including Mrs Balls, who needs tomato sauce when you have this amazing Peach Chutney. It comes in a variety of favours even crisps / chips!

Its certainly a firm favourite in almost every South African household. 



So those are our favourite items - what about you? What will you miss when the time comes to leave SA? What are your firm favourite food products in your fridge / cupboard?