Super 6 - Mothers day wish list

If your partner is anything like mine, it is probably best you either buy yourself a present for mothers day, or you give a number of hints. My husband is wonderful at many things, but gift buying is just not one of them. I do often get tea in bed (not just on mothers day - so I can't complain), but darling if you do happen to see this - here are some of the beautiful things on my wish list. 

Here are my local to Jo'burg / South Africa gifts. I would love to know if you are also are going "local" this year, or would you rather have that chocolate you can only get back home? Share with us your favourites from wherever in the world you are currently living, in the comments below. 

image: .maxhosa



Whatever you end up doing, either over FaceTime or physically with your mother/ close role model. I hope you are throughly spoilt and able to pass the gift of generosity on to someone special. 



For the Stationary Lover - a Love Supreme 

I am a sucker for beautiful stationary, any excuse to buy a new notebook, diary, or pen, I have brought so many stunning designs from a Love Supreme, their colouring books are highly addictive, and the tableware is a fantastic way to add some African prints to your home.    

Image -   a Love Supreme   

Image -  a Love Supreme  

You can view their collection online, or head to The Beautiful Life on 4th in Parkhurst. 

For the Jewellery Lover - Henrietta Botha 

If you have spent much time with me over the past year you will have seen me wearing at least one item from the incredibly talented Henrietta Botha, whose jewellery is handmade here in Joburg. 

Image - Henrietta Botha 

Image - Henrietta Botha 

Order online, or directly from her studio in Parkview, she is above the Indian restaurant, Taste of Punjab inside The Village Centre, 60 Tyrone Avenue. 

Gin Lover: 

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We are loving the craft movement that has finally hit Joburg, if you were at our Translating Joburg event last year you will have heard from gin maker, Shanna Rae on how she created Time and Anchor TAD right here in Joburg, we also love the Westcliff Gin, along with Cape Town favourites Hope and Woodstock. Dry Dock on 4th Avenue have the best selection we have come across, and they even deliver directly to you, or via UberEats!    



Gift an Experience - Kim Sacks school of Ceramics

Image: Kim Sacks Blog

Image: Kim Sacks Blog

Maybe you already have too much stuff in your home, and would like to take the opportunity to learn a new skill or adopt a hobby. Kim Sacks runs a range of classes, and so does Henrietta Botha, so why not give ceramics or jewellery making a go? 



A REALLY Special Gift - Maxhosa

Sadly the twice I have actually had a good enough excuse to buy this wrap, they haven't had any in stock! Its on the wish list, and one day I hope to own at least one item from this incredible range, although sadly I don't think I will ever look anywhere as cool as the designers themselves do in it (just look at their Instagram accounts - they are rocking London). 




You can Never have too many bags -  Khula

Khula came to life 2.5 years ago when fellow expat Moniek van Erven moved to Johannesburg and fell in love with its rhythm, diversity and people. She felt the need and desire to give a voice to the alternative narrative expressed in the artworks of South African artists – providing a canvas for their work, a ‘voice’ for their stories and providing additional income for the artists with a share for the sale of each bag. You don't just wear a bag, you wear a piece of art.  

For your Home: Ceramics 

Clementine Ceramics - Cape Town 

Clementine Ceramics - Cape Town 

There is a wide a range of beautiful ceramicists to allow you to collect a few South African treasures. Here are a few of our favourites: 

 Clementine van der Walt

Kim Sacks

Pret a Pot Pot

Gemma Orkin

Self Care and Relax : Newly Refurbished Saxon Spa 

Image: Saxon Hotel and Spa 

Image: Saxon Hotel and Spa 

Maybe you are after a little time off, then why not book a treatment or two at the newly refurbished Saxon spa, - this certainly is top of my list. 

Have we missed anything special? What would be on your wish list? Have you any treasurers you have picked up from previous destinations that will always remind you of a special place or few years? Tell us in the comments below.