What to do in Joburg with children? 

This is a question I often get asked. Particularly from families moving from cosmopolitan cities, with a whole range of cultural activities on offer. Joburg has a rich history, and each year I discover more and more things to do as a family. But it does take a little research and to be willing to try things that may or may not be what you were expecting. 


With a city full of people with the same kind of challenges, it’s helpful to know that there are so many different resources available to make living in Joburg with kids that much more easy, and fun!

To get you started, here are some blogs, shops and annual events to check out: 


1. Lucky Pony

A well known blogger in her own right, Angie Batis’ popular lifestyle blog is constantly evolving as a mom of two in Joburg.

Read her blog for inspiring and heartwarming stories as well as places to go, things to do and things to buy.

2. You, Baby and I

Another Joburg-based blogger, Shan’s blog is focused on being a parent and sharing her journey as a mom, which includes being currently pregnant with her third child. Read for a personal insight into being a parent in Joburg!

3. SA Mom Blogs

There are so many different Mom blogs out there, but it's not always easy to find them all by yourself, which is why SA Mom Blogs is a helpful central resource for everything Mom-related, and features a range of guest bloggers from all over the country.



In addition to personal blogs, Jozi Kids is a comprehensive online resource that list all the kinds of things you’ll be looking for as a parent, from party resources to playground equipment.

 An extension of the national News24 network of online websites, Parent24 is an online resource for parents all over the country, and features news, product updates and information about upcoming events.

A household name in South Africa, Baby Sense is run by occupational therapist Meg Faure and is a range of books and seminars that offer helpful and practical information for raising a child. Most famous for her books Baby Sense and Sleep Sense, the brand is also made up of further books and products specifically designed to support the philosophy laid out in the books.



With so many parents looking for quality products and services to support them, there are also a number of regular baby and child-focused expos and events in the city.

Some of the most popular ones are:

The Baby Expo: An organisation that runs Milestones magazine, a blog and a comprehensive product listing, Mama Magic also runs regular exhibitions and events around the country:

Rockababy Fair: An annual event focused on beautiful products for babies and children, last year’s event was held at the Tin Factory in Kramerville, and featured a range of local brands:

Working Mothers Expo: An exhibition that curates a selection of helpful and creative products and services for working mothers, The Working Mothers Expo was held towards the end of last year at the Sandton Convention Centre and showcased everything from ready-cooked meal services to educational toys.


We know how hard it is to know what is coming up - so we have pull all of South Africa's best events into an annual calendar  - click the image below to download it. 


Even with all of the online resources available, it can be very helpful to develop a support network as a parent new to South Africa, especially if most of your time is spent looking after a baby or toddler who isn’t going to school yet.

Moms and Tots, swimming (aqua tots) and Clamber Club and are popular activities to do with baby and toddlers, in Joburg and all over South Africa.

There are also a number of online and print publications for parents, some of the most popular are:

Child Mag

Living and Loving




There are children’s shops all over the city, but some of the more popular ones are:

Baby City (various) 

Kids Emporium (various) 

Baby Group (online store with lots of our favourite imported brands) 

Wolf Wolf (Linden)

Variety children’s shops along 4th Street in Parkhurst: Kid’s Emporium, Polly Potter’s and Yummy Baby

Looking for more information - these blogs maybe helpful: 

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