TranslatingJoburg - Brunch Wrap Up

This morning was another of our #TranslatingJoburg meetups. A monthly initiative between Intouch Relocations and Translating Me. An opportunity to welcome those new to Johannesburg. We were hosted by the beautiful River Cafe, in Sandton. A beautiful setting for the kids to run free, and for us to get a yummy breakfast and make some new friends.  

new in Johannesburg, expat meetup
It was great meeting everyone today, you did a wonderful job of organising everything and I’m so glad I came. See you next time.
— Mo Adewunmi

The morning kicked off with coffee and introductions. After mingling and meeting new people, Hannah introduced the morning, and encouraged everyone to embrace the newness of life, to journal all the things that seem strange, and to spend the time to get clarity on what is important to you. Alex from In Touch, shared their vision that they support expats to feel like they belong as quickly as possible, and that what these meet up's are aiming to do. 

Everyone then tucked into their brunch, before exchanging stories on new discoveries they have found so far, and arranging follow up coffee's and opportunities to meet up. 

Our thanks to Munching Mongoose who sponsored the morning providing each individual a special welcome gift, and seasonal calendar, so we now know when is the best time to plant our own veg here, and what we should be buying when! 

 “The vision behind Translating Joburg is to encourage both expats and Jozi natives to experience Johannesburg as if you only had 6 months left here, to explore new places, revisit old favourites, and to see it through a fresh pair of eyes."

Thanks again to everyone who came, If you missed #TranslatingJoburg this time, not to worry - our next meet up is on 26th July 2pm - Going Freelance, Continuing your Career in Joburg. 

Review - The River Cafe 

What | Great outdoor cafe in a park.

Where | Sandton Field & Study Center Corner Louise Ave & 14th St Parkmore (go through the boom to get to it).

Why | Its really beautiful place with lots of space. Great for kids, adults and dogs (you can go for a nice stroll in the park beforehand). The service is a bit hit or miss, but generally the food it good. Great place for kids parties or family get togethers.  

Details | Tues - Sun 9:00am - 5:00pm (Closed on Mondays) 

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