Behind the Scenes of the Global Intern programme

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There has been lots of interest and excitement around our newest programme the Global Intern so here is a little glimpse behind the scenes into how we got on:

7 brave ladies decided to take the plunge and invest in themselves to become the first ever Global Interns….

What made them sign up to become a Global Intern?

jobs for expats

I saw the programme as an opportunity for me to change my career. To create my own career path.

It was a chance to build something just for me, to learn something new.

I was really looking forward to it and couldn’t wait to find people that have the same mindset

Feliciana Groothuis


I was looking to change my career, having already set up my own business I wanted something that was more portable, that I could take with me whilst traveling. I look for several courses and this was the first that offered a comprehensive programme, and that wasn’t going to simply teach me how to post on Facebook.


How do you Apply?

All the information is available online here and in the downloadable information pack. Once you are ready to apply, you fill out a quick form and then Hannah will schedule in a call with you to chat through your expectations of the programme, and make sure its a right fit for you.

Then you simply pay your deposit (in your own chosen currency) to secure your place.

How is the Global Intern Programme Run?

The programme starts with some pre reading and a workbook to get you thinking about your own Personal Brand, and begin to identify your skills, passions and experiences. This is delivered online through the learning platform teachable. It is available 24/7 with the content provided in text form and video.

Next we all come together to meet your fellow cohort at our luxurious 2 day retreat at a private lodge just 1 hour outside Johannesburg. For many of the participants this was the first time in years (or ever) that they had left their children and had some time for themselves.

The 2 days are a mixture of personal reflection, mini workshops, group work and free time to walk, sail, make pizza, before heading out for sundowners and eat delicious meals together.

Hear more from Daria, about her experience of the retreat and why she choose the programme in this quick video chat with Hannah below.

jobs for expats

My favourite part of the programme was the retreat. Opportunity to network with such a diverse group of amazing ladies from different parts of the world, all facing similar situations to me.


What do you learn?

The programme focuses on the LCA strategy, which is a social media framework that can be adopted by any size company or individual. You can apply the strategy to all of the main social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google Plus and YouTube.

Core topics include:

  • How to set up Social Media Strategy.

  • Introduction to Social Media Platforms.

  • Creating a content strategy.

  • Branding and Graphics.  

  • Online Advertising , Facebook Advertising.

  • Measuring Success and Reporting. 

  • Client Management & Systems needed as a social media consultant.  

After each module you are then required to put it into practice by implementing your new skills and knowledge into your own live social media campaign.

How is the course assessed?

After you have completed your 6 week social media campaign, you then need to submit a full case study report which will be marked and you will either receive a pass or fail. This final assignment challenges you to reflect upon all your learnings and your campaign to highlight what you would do differently.

Would our current Global Interns recommend the programme?

Absolutely! I Like it a lot! Brings the sparkle back & gives direction! 

I would describe my journey on the Global Internal program as coming from the unknown to the know, I feel I am in a place where I know where I am heading to. Along the way I have learnt and gotten so much inspiration from the wonderful ladies on the programme. 

I highly recommend anyone wanting to restart their career to join the Global Intern Programme.

It is the perfect first step and shows you that there’s still hope for us all!

Sounds brilliant doesn’t it! Want to come join us?

Click button below and apply now.