How Global Intern Programme brought back my sparkle.

We sat down with one of our Global Intern members from last year to hear more about her experience with the course, how it’s made a difference in her life, and what advice she has for others.

…Let us introduce Beatrice Häuselmann!


Tell us a bit about yourself…

Thanks for having me! I am originally from Switzerland. We moved to South Africa about two years ago for my husband’s job. We had always talked of living abroad with our family, and about two years ago came an opportunity to move to South Africa, so we chose the adventure. It was great and exciting but also a struggle, especially with small children. Maybe for some people moving gets easier and you get used to having to start over, but it wasn’t easy for me. Once we got settled into Johannesburg, I felt like I was starting from scratch every day trying to learn everything new: life, friends, work, comfort zone. It was exciting but also a big adjustment.

What drew you to the Global Intern Program with Translating Me?

expat partner

I was a new expat learning new things, new people, and a new life. I used to work in Human Resources, but knew that career was not an option living abroad, and maybe it wasn’t going to be an option if we moved back. I was looking for inspiration. Translating Me offered  meetings and online workshops to discover your personal brand, your personal drive. Then came Global Intern and I jumped on the chance. I wanted to understand who I am, what I want, what I am passionate about, what I am good at, what I can try at this time in my life that I didn’t have time for before… and of course am still working on these answers! Global Intern was an opportunity to do all this with lots of mentoring, coaching, learning new skills, and connecting with like minded people.

What have you gained from the experience- professionally and/or personally?

Besides amazing friends, a bigger network, business experience, and confidence to really put myself out there, I also found new motivation. Since the kids are of age to be in school everyday, I can now focus on my personal and professional development, and that means so much! I feel that the experience of Global Intern has prepared me to successfully launch a new career this year.

What’s next for you?

We will be moving back sometime in the next year. So, I’m setting up brand, my social media, websites, and my portfolio to prepare my full-on career focusing on my passion: Videography in Social Media. I am currently working on some short videos to be used on social media- for clients and myself, all part of my growing portfolio. I am ready for a new career when we get back to Switzerland. I am a totally new person from two years ago, and I am excited!

What do you wish to tell others thinking about joining the Global Intern programme?

Do not limit yourself to thinking this is just about social media careers. It is only a skill that we work on. What you do with it is your own. If you can spend the money and time to do this program, do it. Global Intern is about connecting to South Africa and the business community, about an experience you will not have anywhere else. You get to experiment and learn what you’re good at and what to focus on. You work with a group of people, learn from your differences, and understand more about yourself. You get your ‘sparkle’ back and develop new confidence. I would recommend it to anyone!

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Any more advice you have for someone looking to a new career during transition?

Yes, some tips I’ve been working on myself! … Be specific on what you can offer, and how you are different from everyone else. Think about your ideal client and what they are interested in. Focus on that. Become an expert in what you’re doing and keep learning to be the best you can! Build your portfolio and share pieces of it regularly on social media. Have a vision of what success is for your next step and then prepare to show off your unique story, your brand, and your brilliance!

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