Want to add more purpose to your day??

Do you want to wake up motivated by the day ahead? Has your life become crammed full of pressures thrown at you from everyone else, you've lost sight of what makes you energised. What would you life look like if you had a bit more direction? 

Live with intent not from habit
Time for Tea - Translating Me

Maybe - you lost your focus after going through a major change in your life, had a child, moved country or left your job, you now view life through a different lens - all your previous aspirations and ambitions may not mean as much now. So whats next? How can you maximise the opportunities you have? 

Whether you have too much time, or not enough - wouldn’t it be great to wake up excited about the days possibilities each and every day. To live your life by choice not default, to make more time for the stuff that makes you smile, and capture the extraordinarily ordinary moments that pass by. 

@@The noise of everyday life and expectations from others can crowd our most important responsibilities.@@

Join us to press pause, take a moment each day to check in with your priorities,  to bring out the best in yourself and those around you. 

Some of my happiest moments growing up where had over a cup of tea. A hot cup of tea somehow makes everything better. Join us on drinking a cup of tea everyday, taking a moment to step away from your routine, switch off, refocus and prioritise. 

If you need us - we will be here to give you a boat load of inspiration, encouraging you to keep to your commitment to keep taking small steps forward.