Continuing your Career in South Africa

30 of us gathered to have great coffee without overlooking a car park, meet like minded people, and take the time to rethink our careers! It was a fantastic morning.  

I so wish that Hannah and Translating Me Abroad was up and running when I moved to Johannesburg 7 years ago. Hannah offers so many amazing resources to get settled in and enjoy this amazing city and country. I highly recommend getting involved!”
— Tessa Graham, Brand Strategist

“You have given me so much to go away and think about, thank you so much.”  

As people arrived at the brand new Milk Bar, just off Sandton Drive, they ordered their coffee, eat some delicious brunch and then had a fun quiz to introduce themselves to new people.  

With new friendships made, and tummies full, we sat down to be welcomed by Hannah Pirnie, founder of Translating Me and visionary behind the event. She challenged us all to widen our approach to our career paths, that there is a whole host of opportunities available that can meet our passions and talents.  

Expat Career

Tessa Graham, followed with her own personal story of how she has worked her way around the world reinventing her career, and applying for many visa’s.

Her tip - to work out your why, what it is that will motivate you and why you are doing it.

Catherine, originally from Ireland, shared how to refocus and humble yourself to re-qualify in order to practice professionally here, before Diana shared her story of starting up a blog.  

Nicola founder of the Facebook group Trailing Spouse, shared how she has managed to focus on personal development in every country managing to learn new skills through a variety of projects and passions. She encouraged everyone to get started in something.   

The panel were then joined by Hans a immigration expert to answer all the questions on the best type of visa to gain, and possible solutions forward.  

“The vision behind Translating Joburg is to encourage expats to leave Joburg in a better place than how you found it. By using your passions and skills to make an impact here. These monthly meetup events are just one of the many ways we aim to achieve this, through our Translating Joburg Membership Club.”  


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Wine & Steak Wrap Up

Expat Meetup events

Last week we were treated to the best of South African hospitality by Duncan & Yvette Barker at Wombles Steak House.   Purposefully designed to take the customer back to an era where restaurant excellence corresponded to comfortable chairs, traditionally set tables, excellent service and generous portions, Wombles is a Johannesburg institution. I can confirm that it continues to be so despite its move to the Hobart Grove Shopping Centre, a personally tragedy for those of us who live in the Parks and rarely motion up North.  

It's so nice to meet non french people, I love my home country, but its great to meet new people who are also living here. Thanks for bringing us all together. 
Gbota Engwanda - French Expat 

We were double spoilt last night as before a sumptuous meal Duncan left his traditional position behind the grill to help us understand the various cuts of beef and then we had Jenny Ratcliffe- Wright owner of Warwick Wine Farm, give us 10minutes on what is hot and what is not on the SA wine scene.  

Johannesburg in Your Pocket 

Johannesburg in Your Pocket 

South African steak and wine is already a winning combination in my opinion but having such knowledgeable folk talk to a crowd of 18 enthusiastic aficionados was a real treat. 

What a fabulous evening. We had such a great time, thank you. 
Ruth Lockwood 

Knowing the different between different cuts of beef is important, sirloin, rump, fillet and rib all different from a texture and taste point of view.  Being confident in what you like will help you order, shop and cook the right steak at the right time.   We also got some great cooking tips from the big man behind the grill, such as simply buy good quality beef, season well add splash of Olive Oil and then cook, save the lemon juice until afterwards to avoid it burning.    

Jenny, the second of three generations of female winemakers at Warwick, generously supplied us with a light and crisp Sauvignon Blanc, then a blushed pink dry Rose from the estate.   The wines reminded me that summer was around the corner and that it was probably time to get some lighter varietals in the fridge.  

Lastly we finished with the well-known Three Cape Ladies red wine, a strong red, which reminded me that it was time to eat.   And what a meal we had…..
Thanks to all who came and entertained us.  Cannot wait until we meet again.


The Brief: 

What: Wombles Steakhouse, Traditional steakhouse, you feel like you are out in the bush, its a wonderful place for celebration, or to take your in laws when they come stay.    

Where: Hobart Grove Shopping Centre, 88 Hobart Road, Bryanston, 

When: Monday - Friday Lunch and Dinner. Saturdays Dinner Only, Sundays - Closed 

{Notes} Great service, wonderful bar for pre or post dinner drinks. Safe and easy parking.