Johannesburg's Best Tours & Experiences

People often ask me if I feel safe to walk around and explore Johannesburg. Like any city there are no go area's. or places I would only go through with a local, or as part of a group. But there are lots of places that you just have to be aware (rather than paranoid). Plan your trip, know where you are going, where to park, and leave your Rolex at home.  

Here are my top experiences, the majority are individually or community run, with the larger more established tours at the end. 

Johannesburgs Best Tours

1. Day tour with Thami 

Thami provides the BEST tour in the whole of South Africa! Every guest who comes to stay with us, has to go out with him, at least for half a day. We have sent global CEO's, and my in laws out with him. Thami has grown up in Soweto, he know everyone and everything. There isn't anything he can't show you or explain to you. Thami will personalise your tour, and give you a day you will always remember! He really is outstanding. All the profits he makes go directly back into the people of Soweto. 

2. Micro Adventures Tour Guide

Great variety of adventures to go on, from running up the stairs at Ponte Tower, to exploring Joburg's Heritage. Each event always has a great mix of people who create a welcoming environment. But be warned their adventures sell out quickly, so if you see something you would like to do, make sure you book it! 

3. Johannesburg Heritage Foundation

My good friend Heather Mason from 2Summers told me about these guys, and wow what a great find! They provide a vast amount of knowledge and history delivered in a variety of formats, from bus trips to neighbourhood walking tours. They always run a special offer on tours throughout September to celebrate Heritage Day.  


4. Joburg Photowalkers & InstaWalks 

For those who want to explore off the beaten path, join the Photo walkers facebook group, or keep a look out for the next Instawalk.

5. Dlala Nje - Hillbrow 

Most Joburger's consider Hillbrow a no-go area. Thankfully Micro Adventures and Dlala Nje are changing that, by encouraging people to return, by running Hillbrow and Ponte tours and have also just opened a bar and yoga classes inside Ponte Tower.  Dlala Nje operate a youth club based out off Ponte, all proceeds from their tours go directly to the running costs.. 

6. City Stake Tours

The tour lasts three hours and skateboards are provided (tours are for persons aged over 18 only). The first hour is usually spent teaching you how to skate, before heading into town to tell you more about the history, and point out some up and coming urban developments, graffiti and street sculptures.   To book contact Mnyandu on +27 79 839 8833, email Tours from R300 per person (including skateboard rental). Tours on Sat, Sun, start at 10:00 and 14:00.

General Tours - You need to do at least once

Red Bus Tour

Lebo's Bicycle Tour - Soweto

Past Experiences

Joburg Places  

Making your House a Home, wherever you are in the world

Moving house is part of expat life, whether its to move abroad, or because your landlord decides to sell. No matter how many times we do it, the chances are there will be some tears, and a lot of stress. But once you are all in - here's our top tips on creating your home. 

Creating your Home, moving to South Africa


1.    Memories are important, the physical objects not so much. 

There are a few items we will always pack with us where ever we move. Our dinning room table is the most important. This is where we have had our most precious family time, when we are sat around together, thats home for us.   

Maybe you love your gardening tools, or your kids boots and umbrellas, make a feature of them, by adding a beautiful coat rack or hat stand in your entrance, so the whole family see them whenever they come in.  

- What objects do you have that bring this same sense of home? Maybe is a cuckoo clock, particular children’s books?  

    2.    Display your Memories, asap

You will be amazed how quickly a building becomes yours once your artwork, and photo’s are on the walls. Get them up asap, you can always move them around later.   

    3.    Re-create your routines / habits 

If you have your medicine’s in the same cupboard as your linen, and lightbulbs then recreate that in your new home. Try to keep similar things together, if you don’t have a shoe cupboard now, then make a similar cupboard in another room, containing the same items that used to be in your hallway.  

If you are always loosing your keys and wallet, create a space for them as soon as you come through the door, a tray or small box works perfectly.  

    4.    Get Inspired, search on Instagram, Pinterest, magazines, hotels, lodges.......

Get inspired by the local design and architecture. There are so many beautiful images online now, you can see how to make the best of your new home. For example in South Africa, you will spend most of your time outside and entertaining, so you will want to have nice patio furniture, whereas if you are living in Tokyo, you will want clever storage solutions.  

    5.    Go "local" 

Whilst I am a big fan of decluttering, buying a local piece of art, or homeware is such a lovely way to remind you of your previous homes and experiences.  I still spend hours wondering through antique shops and interior design outlets, learning about particular features of african design.   

    6.    Buy flowers

A bunch of fresh flowers, whether picked from the garden or brought from the florist just brings a smile to my face every time.    


For more inspiration and to be connected to our team of Interior Designers to come give you advice at your home. Hire your own Personal Assistant who can arrange a recommended Interior Designer to come to your home and access our discounts with a range of local suppliers.


YOUR favourite spots in Jozi

Our August monthly question was: What is your favourite spot in Johannesburg? Thank you to everyone who participated! These are YOUR favourite spots in Jozi!

Pack a picnic basket with tasty goodies and some good wine and head to Lucky Avenue in Northcliff. The view at sunset will

On the 9th floor of the Holiday Inn Sandton, the Skye Bar is one of the best spots in Sandton for unforgettable panoramic views of Johannesburg.

Prawns at Parreirinher


In South Joburg, ties hanging from the ceiling give added character to this old family favourite institution. Try the prawn cakes - they are out of this world!  


Monroe Drive, Houghton

Taking a drive long this road during Spring is exquisite! Definitely a must!


Rosebank Road

A beautifully tranquil tree tunnel road to drive along. 

A lovely family experience, with large jungle gyms and lots of space to kick a ball!

Want to discover more of Johannesburg - come join us on our next Hidden Joburg Experience - Click the image below for more information. 

Wine & Steak Wrap Up

Expat Meetup events

Last week we were treated to the best of South African hospitality by Duncan & Yvette Barker at Wombles Steak House.   Purposefully designed to take the customer back to an era where restaurant excellence corresponded to comfortable chairs, traditionally set tables, excellent service and generous portions, Wombles is a Johannesburg institution. I can confirm that it continues to be so despite its move to the Hobart Grove Shopping Centre, a personally tragedy for those of us who live in the Parks and rarely motion up North.  

It's so nice to meet non french people, I love my home country, but its great to meet new people who are also living here. Thanks for bringing us all together. 
Gbota Engwanda - French Expat 

We were double spoilt last night as before a sumptuous meal Duncan left his traditional position behind the grill to help us understand the various cuts of beef and then we had Jenny Ratcliffe- Wright owner of Warwick Wine Farm, give us 10minutes on what is hot and what is not on the SA wine scene.  

Johannesburg in Your Pocket 

Johannesburg in Your Pocket 

South African steak and wine is already a winning combination in my opinion but having such knowledgeable folk talk to a crowd of 18 enthusiastic aficionados was a real treat. 

What a fabulous evening. We had such a great time, thank you. 
Ruth Lockwood 

Knowing the different between different cuts of beef is important, sirloin, rump, fillet and rib all different from a texture and taste point of view.  Being confident in what you like will help you order, shop and cook the right steak at the right time.   We also got some great cooking tips from the big man behind the grill, such as simply buy good quality beef, season well add splash of Olive Oil and then cook, save the lemon juice until afterwards to avoid it burning.    

Jenny, the second of three generations of female winemakers at Warwick, generously supplied us with a light and crisp Sauvignon Blanc, then a blushed pink dry Rose from the estate.   The wines reminded me that summer was around the corner and that it was probably time to get some lighter varietals in the fridge.  

Lastly we finished with the well-known Three Cape Ladies red wine, a strong red, which reminded me that it was time to eat.   And what a meal we had…..
Thanks to all who came and entertained us.  Cannot wait until we meet again.


The Brief: 

What: Wombles Steakhouse, Traditional steakhouse, you feel like you are out in the bush, its a wonderful place for celebration, or to take your in laws when they come stay.    

Where: Hobart Grove Shopping Centre, 88 Hobart Road, Bryanston, 

When: Monday - Friday Lunch and Dinner. Saturdays Dinner Only, Sundays - Closed 

{Notes} Great service, wonderful bar for pre or post dinner drinks. Safe and easy parking.  



Super 6 Transport Options in Jozi

Transport around JHB can be tricky, especially if you don't have a car. But there are affordable and reliable ways you can get around Jozi!

Perfect for in-city trips between places

Membership Service, you drive to an event and they will come drive you and your car home. 

Jozi's railway system linking JHB, PTA, Ekhurleni and OR Tambo

The best way to see Jozi

The quickest way to travel around Sandton

Fast, safe and affordable transport around the city centre