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Having a Baby in South Africa - What You Need to Know 

Having a baby in South Africa

Having a baby in South Africa may seem daunting at first. You may be wondering how to find a good gynaecologist or a midwife, you could be trying to find information on how to conceive in the first place, or you may be wondering where to find information that adds genuine value, without further confusing you and your partner. In reality, thanks to the huge range of support options available to parents-to-be, planning your family as an expat does not need to be any less scary than it would back home. The secret to having a baby in South Africa comes down to finding the right specialists to help you plan for your baby. Whether you are trying to conceive, or you have recently discovered that you are having a baby, we have all the information you need to help you plan your pregnancy, safely and simply. 

having a baby in Johannesburg

Trying to Conceive in South Africa 

Ready to think about having a baby in South Africa? There are a number of excellent fertility and conception specialists to be found across the country. Our recommended doctors and clinics to help you conceive include specialists in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Joburg Fertility Specialists

Medfem (Sandton)

VitaLab (Sandton)

Gynomed (Roodepoort)

Cape Town Fertility Specialists

Cape Fertility Clinic (Claremont)

Aevitas Fertility Clinic (Pinelands)

Hart Fertility Clinic (City Centre)

I Think I Am Pregnant - Now What?

If you are already pregnant or you think you may be expecting, the first step is to find a gynaecologist, followed by a midwife. Both of these specialists will help guide you through the process, so that you know exactly what to expect, from the very first trimesters, all the way to your baby's birth.

Johannesburg Gynaecologists & Midwives

Sandton Mediclinic - Dr Heather Derwent Allan-Gould (Sandton)

Genesis Maternity Clinic - midwife-led, active birthing facility (Saxonwold)

Netcare Park Lane Hospital - gynaecology, obstetric, neonatal and paediatric care (Parktown)

Life Fourways Hospital - wide range of doctors and services (Fourways)

For more advice and referrals on gynaecologists please get in touch and we can connect you to another expat who has recently given birth here. Alternatively join our Moving to South Africa Facebook group and ask for referrals in there. 

Cape Town Gynaecologists & Midwives

Mediclinic Cape Town - Dr Natalia Novikova (City Centre)

Kingsbury Hospital - wide range of doctors and services (Claremont)  

Birth Options - midwives and birthing support (Plumstead)

More Helpful Resources for Parents-to-Be

having a baby in south africa

If you're looking for additional resources to help guide you or your partner through the journey of conception, pregnancy and birth in a new country, we highly recommend the following websites. These sites offer plenty of guidance to parents-to-be, along with practical information, tips and other useful advice.

Get Pregnant - tips and advice for those battling to conceive

Huggies - plenty of tips and resources in the top menu

Nurture - egg donor programme in South Africa

Home Birth - resources for those planning a home birth

Parent24 - general tips and resources for expectant and new parents

Translating Me is here to assist you at every step of the way.

Get in touch with our team and let us help you, whether you are having a baby in South Africa or you hope to have one in the near future.

For more support on having a baby abroad, head over to Knocked Up Abroad,

Or contact Karen Wilmot, at the Virtual Midwife. 

YOUR favourite spots in Jozi

Our August monthly question was: What is your favourite spot in Johannesburg? Thank you to everyone who participated! These are YOUR favourite spots in Jozi!

Pack a picnic basket with tasty goodies and some good wine and head to Lucky Avenue in Northcliff. The view at sunset will

On the 9th floor of the Holiday Inn Sandton, the Skye Bar is one of the best spots in Sandton for unforgettable panoramic views of Johannesburg.

Prawns at Parreirinher


In South Joburg, ties hanging from the ceiling give added character to this old family favourite institution. Try the prawn cakes - they are out of this world!  


Monroe Drive, Houghton

Taking a drive long this road during Spring is exquisite! Definitely a must!


Rosebank Road

A beautifully tranquil tree tunnel road to drive along. 

A lovely family experience, with large jungle gyms and lots of space to kick a ball!

Want to discover more of Johannesburg - come join us on our next Hidden Joburg Experience - Click the image below for more information. 

Wine & Steak Wrap Up

Expat Meetup events

Last week we were treated to the best of South African hospitality by Duncan & Yvette Barker at Wombles Steak House.   Purposefully designed to take the customer back to an era where restaurant excellence corresponded to comfortable chairs, traditionally set tables, excellent service and generous portions, Wombles is a Johannesburg institution. I can confirm that it continues to be so despite its move to the Hobart Grove Shopping Centre, a personally tragedy for those of us who live in the Parks and rarely motion up North.  

It's so nice to meet non french people, I love my home country, but its great to meet new people who are also living here. Thanks for bringing us all together. 
Gbota Engwanda - French Expat 

We were double spoilt last night as before a sumptuous meal Duncan left his traditional position behind the grill to help us understand the various cuts of beef and then we had Jenny Ratcliffe- Wright owner of Warwick Wine Farm, give us 10minutes on what is hot and what is not on the SA wine scene.  

Johannesburg in Your Pocket 

Johannesburg in Your Pocket 

South African steak and wine is already a winning combination in my opinion but having such knowledgeable folk talk to a crowd of 18 enthusiastic aficionados was a real treat. 

What a fabulous evening. We had such a great time, thank you. 
Ruth Lockwood 

Knowing the different between different cuts of beef is important, sirloin, rump, fillet and rib all different from a texture and taste point of view.  Being confident in what you like will help you order, shop and cook the right steak at the right time.   We also got some great cooking tips from the big man behind the grill, such as simply buy good quality beef, season well add splash of Olive Oil and then cook, save the lemon juice until afterwards to avoid it burning.    

Jenny, the second of three generations of female winemakers at Warwick, generously supplied us with a light and crisp Sauvignon Blanc, then a blushed pink dry Rose from the estate.   The wines reminded me that summer was around the corner and that it was probably time to get some lighter varietals in the fridge.  

Lastly we finished with the well-known Three Cape Ladies red wine, a strong red, which reminded me that it was time to eat.   And what a meal we had…..
Thanks to all who came and entertained us.  Cannot wait until we meet again.


The Brief: 

What: Wombles Steakhouse, Traditional steakhouse, you feel like you are out in the bush, its a wonderful place for celebration, or to take your in laws when they come stay.    

Where: Hobart Grove Shopping Centre, 88 Hobart Road, Bryanston, 

When: Monday - Friday Lunch and Dinner. Saturdays Dinner Only, Sundays - Closed 

{Notes} Great service, wonderful bar for pre or post dinner drinks. Safe and easy parking.  



Your 6 Best Coffee Shops in Joburg as chosen by Jozi's Expats!

Meetup Wrap Up - Continuing your Career In Joburg

Wow - What a fantastic afternoon  

A sell out crowd gathered together in the beautiful space at Nice on 4th in Parkhurst to dream, plan and rethink our careers after moving to Joburg, and to learn more about how the global job market is changing.  A big thank you for capturing the heart of the event so perfectly - Caroline Miller

“What a wonderful afternoon, such a great event, I have taken so many notes, now I need some time to think it all through.” 
finding a job in Joburg as an expat
“It was lovely to meet so many new people, and to hear 2 great speakers, thank you for organising it all." 

“We haven’t been in Joburg long, so this has been a lifesaver, I can’t wait to come to more of your monthly events”. 

Each month throughout our social media channels we ask our readers to share their favourite place, item or experience. This month we asked:  

What is your favourite coffee shop ?  

(Click Here to share yours with us)

So we kicked the afternoon off around the same theme. Everyone was given either the name of a Jozi coffee shop, or a suburb, the task - to find your partner, and then learn about that particularly suburb or the coffee shop 😉. 

We all enjoyed the discussions that followed over a glass (or two of bubbles) and afternoon tea, scones, sandwiches, cup cakes, quiches and the most delicious mini pie’s.  

With new friendships made, and tummies full, we sat down to listen to inspirational speaker, business coach, and author Brent Spilkin who gave us background into the freelance market. How the world of work has moved away from the one dimensional single career with the same company for 30 years. To an average employment contract lasting just 2 years. He challenged us all to think through how we can use the professional knowledge we have gain in our previous careers and turn that into a freelance career. 

Brent recommended the following tools and platforms: 

Upwork -  
Freelancer -
We Roam  -
Paypal  -
Fiver  -
Payonear  -

For networking and collaboration - Slack find the best channels for freelancing.  

Accounting -  
Xero  -
Freshbooks  -

Set up your own website:  
Squarespace -   

Our second speaker - Heiko talked to us about the legalities of setting up a business here in SA as a foreigner and the tax and income rules and regulations.  

Throughout the afternoon the speakers were quizzed and mini discussions broke away around potential ways to move our careers forward.   

Our thanks to Munching Mongoose who sponsored the giveaways for us all.

To stay updated for future events and our top picks of things to experience in Joburg, come join our members club - here. 

“the vision behind Translating Joburg is to encourage expats to leave Joburg in a better place than how you found it. By using your passions and skills to make an impact here. These monthly meetup events are just one of the many ways we aim to achieve this, through our Translating Joburg Membership Club.”  
Hannah Pirnie 

TranslatingJoburg - Brunch Wrap Up

TranslatingJoburg - Brunch Wrap Up

#TranslatingJoburg is a unique series of fun networking events specifically for expats and those new in town. Each event brings together expats, newcomers and a few Joburg natives who want to learn more about the city and share its hidden gems. Each month we pick a new theme and invite a guest speaker to come inspire, entertain and inform us about the place we currently call home.