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Having a Baby in South Africa - What You Need to Know 

Having a baby in South Africa

Having a baby in South Africa may seem daunting at first. You may be wondering how to find a good gynaecologist or a midwife, you could be trying to find information on how to conceive in the first place, or you may be wondering where to find information that adds genuine value, without further confusing you and your partner. In reality, thanks to the huge range of support options available to parents-to-be, planning your family as an expat does not need to be any less scary than it would back home. The secret to having a baby in South Africa comes down to finding the right specialists to help you plan for your baby. Whether you are trying to conceive, or you have recently discovered that you are having a baby, we have all the information you need to help you plan your pregnancy, safely and simply. 

having a baby in Johannesburg

Trying to Conceive in South Africa 

Ready to think about having a baby in South Africa? There are a number of excellent fertility and conception specialists to be found across the country. Our recommended doctors and clinics to help you conceive include specialists in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Joburg Fertility Specialists

Medfem (Sandton)

VitaLab (Sandton)

Gynomed (Roodepoort)

Cape Town Fertility Specialists

Cape Fertility Clinic (Claremont)

Aevitas Fertility Clinic (Pinelands)

Hart Fertility Clinic (City Centre)

I Think I Am Pregnant - Now What?

If you are already pregnant or you think you may be expecting, the first step is to find a gynaecologist, followed by a midwife. Both of these specialists will help guide you through the process, so that you know exactly what to expect, from the very first trimesters, all the way to your baby's birth.

Johannesburg Gynaecologists & Midwives

Sandton Mediclinic - Dr Heather Derwent Allan-Gould (Sandton)

Genesis Maternity Clinic - midwife-led, active birthing facility (Saxonwold)

Netcare Park Lane Hospital - gynaecology, obstetric, neonatal and paediatric care (Parktown)

Life Fourways Hospital - wide range of doctors and services (Fourways)

For more advice and referrals on gynaecologists please get in touch and we can connect you to another expat who has recently given birth here. Alternatively join our Moving to South Africa Facebook group and ask for referrals in there. 

Cape Town Gynaecologists & Midwives

Mediclinic Cape Town - Dr Natalia Novikova (City Centre)

Kingsbury Hospital - wide range of doctors and services (Claremont)  

Birth Options - midwives and birthing support (Plumstead)

More Helpful Resources for Parents-to-Be

having a baby in south africa

If you're looking for additional resources to help guide you or your partner through the journey of conception, pregnancy and birth in a new country, we highly recommend the following websites. These sites offer plenty of guidance to parents-to-be, along with practical information, tips and other useful advice.

Get Pregnant - tips and advice for those battling to conceive

Huggies - plenty of tips and resources in the top menu

Nurture - egg donor programme in South Africa

Home Birth - resources for those planning a home birth

Parent24 - general tips and resources for expectant and new parents

Translating Me is here to assist you at every step of the way.

Get in touch with our team and let us help you, whether you are having a baby in South Africa or you hope to have one in the near future.

For more support on having a baby abroad, head over to Knocked Up Abroad,

Or contact Karen Wilmot, at the Virtual Midwife. 

Best Places to View Jacarandas

Its that time of year when Joburg and Pretoria turn purple. There is a saying amongst students that if you haven't started revising for your exams by the time the streets turn purple it's too late. 

The Jacaranda's dont last all that long, the best time is usually the second or third weekend in October, just after the first rains have come at the start of summer. 

Moving to South Africa,

Half day trips: 


Park in Rosebank Mall, and then head out towards Tyrwhitt Avenue, and across Oxford Road into Melrose. Take a stroll around the avenue's before heading back along Jellicoe. Finish up with a drink or meal at the Keys Mile. If you are looking for viewswe recommend Marble or Mesh Club (which is open to the public after 4pm), or the Milk Bar for great vibe.  

Picnic in Emmarentia Park 

Park in Emmarentia car park, just off Orange Road, and then stroll up Troon Road, up and over Barry Herzog, and into the beautiful Clovelly Road. You can stroll all around Greenside, before heading back into Emmerentia to pick up your picnic and head into the park. (If you have kids there is a great play area right by the entrance on Olifants Road.  

Take a Heritage Stroll

Bes places to view Jacaranda

Drive around the streets in parkview, before parking at the bottom of Westcliff Steps on Crescent Drive or the intersection of Wicklow Avenue and Westcliff Drive. The 210 steps are well worth the climb to take in a view across the whole of Johannesburg.

Westcliff is home to all the old "Randlords", its one of the oldest parts of the city. With its large properties with incredible views. It is also home to two outstanding (and over subscribed) schools; The Ridge (boys) and St Catherine’s (girls). The Johannesburg Heritage Foundation run wonderful guided walks. 

Where to see Jacaranda's

Lunch @ Four Seasons Hotel - Westcliff 

This is a must do at least once during your stay here. You can not beat the views from the terrace at this luxury hotel. But make sure you book, it is incredibly popular at this time of year. You may even want to go for a walk around the zoo in the morning, since its right opposite.  



Image - fellow blogger 2summers 

Image - fellow blogger 2summers 

Pretoria is usually 3 degrees warmer than Joburg, as a result the Jacarandas bloom a few weeks earlier than they do in Joburg. 

A great viewing spot is the Union Buildings, which you can get to via the Gautrain, take the Hatfield stop and then the H3 bus. 

If driving, head to the Brooklyn Area, and drive along Pienaar Street and Murray Street, amongst others. For the White Jacaranda's drive along Herbert Baker Street, and then up into the Klapperkop Nature Reserve to get an ariel view. 

For more info on 2Summers hunt for the White Jacaranda's Click here to read her post and see more beautiful photos.  

Super 6 Transport Options in Jozi

Transport around JHB can be tricky, especially if you don't have a car. But there are affordable and reliable ways you can get around Jozi!

Perfect for in-city trips between places

Membership Service, you drive to an event and they will come drive you and your car home. 

Jozi's railway system linking JHB, PTA, Ekhurleni and OR Tambo

The best way to see Jozi

The quickest way to travel around Sandton

Fast, safe and affordable transport around the city centre

Switching Perspectives - to bribe or not.

Police in South Africa

When I was training to become an executive coach one of the most important lessons I learned was the ability to switch perspectives, i.e. that often there is no single approach to a problem. Many of our problems can be alleviated if we can just look at them differently. Matt and I were lucky enough to go and see Trevor Noah on his recent tour of South Africa. His talent to tell stories from this alternative perspective is simply remarkable, he wasn’t rude and didn’t rely on foul language, he just highlighted the variety of things has come to miss since living abroad. I don’t want to spoil the joke but his sketch about the South African police coming to share their tactics with American police has kept me laughing for days. 

Expat in Johannesburg

Unbeknown to Trevor, he helped me to take a different perspective last Friday when I went to submit my police clearance for my visa (my 6th in 7 years). This time, when buying a coffee for ourselves we decided to buy a couple of extra for the police who were processing our applications. Some people reading this may view this as bribery but we asked for no favors or better treatment than anyone else around us. We simply took the opportunity to make two police officers day. They were delighted, conversation flowed and an ordeal was made more pleasant.

Did you miss out on seeing Trevor Noah? Make sure you dont miss out on any other concerts and events by downloading our Joburg Annual Calendar to keep you updated on everything thats happening. 

The tap to clean your hands of the thick black finger print ink............

The tap to clean your hands of the thick black finger print ink............


As we needed the visa fairly quickly they advised me to take our forms to Pretoria….. I could have got frustrated with the traffic, the time it took to get there, the lack of parking, lack of clear signs to know where to go, and the fear of being in a strange place (with our passports, wallets and phone).  Instead, I paid some builders who were working at the building site next door, they kindly moved some cones for me and helped me to park. They then asked to wash my car for a small sum, I smiled at them, the car was a little dirty, so sure why not.

I then walked right passed the building, and a young lad stopped me and said

"Mam, I think you are looking for the Police Clearance, you need to go back, and then inside, take the first floor".

He even walked me to the door and then asked me for some change. Once again, I could get frustrated at this, but he helped me out, so why not give him R20. 
It can be incredibly hard to understand other people if we haven't walked in their shoes, which is why living abroad is such a valuable experience, because we get to walk right there alongside them. 
In the UK, there is employment and processes that mean my police clearance costs around £50 and is done in a quicker, cleaner way.  In South Africa it costs R100 but if I added in all those extra pairs of helping hands probably R250, which is still an absolute bargain. Plus it allowed me to connect with a few interesting people, outside my usual sphere.
Seven years into living here, I am finally learning to change my perspective, to switch from fear  to empathy, to see’s the individual doing a pretty rubbish job (if they even have a job at all).

Will connecting with people make me more likely to become a victim of crime, maybe, but I hope its worth the risk.