Nothing Seems to Work Properly.

 You have no idea what to do with yourself, or what is safe to do?

You've lost your confidence and independence since becoming a "trailing spouse"  

moving to south africag

You are excited by the adventure, but leaving friends and family is hard, and you have no real idea what your new life is going to be like.

The thought of restarting everything again from scratch fills you with dread.

You’ve googled and visited every web page, but its all merged into one confusing mess.

You’ve arrived and created a beautiful home. The sun shines. Your partner is doing great at work the kids are happy. Hell, the dog’s happy.

But you, not so much.

If you’re really honest with yourself, you’ve never felt so sad and alone. 

You've even started talking to the shop assistant in Woolies - just because you needed some form of social interaction that day....

You left a successful career, and now have no clue what to do with all your time. It would be great to make some sort of impact, or to use this time to start something new, but you have no idea where to start. 

Your experience so far, as an expat partner, has been challenging to say the least. 

Your partner tries to help, but they don't really get what its like to not see or talk to anyone all day.  

You feel lost.

And a bit depressed.

Which is crazy right, how ungrateful am I - I could use this time to do anything, whatever I want.....

What do I want to do, see, and achieve with my time here?

Joburg Expat


But YOUR time will GO BY QUICKLY 

Joburg Expat

Don't waste it spending months or even years settling in.

Drifting through your days, getting busy, saying yes to everything.

Imagine leaving on the plane at the end of your assignment. 

You have a conversation with the person next to you, who asks if you had a nice time in South Africa. 

You think for a moment.........

Yes - there were good times, the kids loved it, we had some lovely holidays. 


I never really found any friends. 

I didn't ever really feel safe.

I'm not sure I really explored the culture, or the city as much as I could have done, and I have no idea what to say at my next job interview to explain the big gap on my cv. 


You think for a moment........... 

Yes, I had the best few years of my life. 

I met some incredible people, who have changed how I view the world, and are life long friends.

I have seen and experienced things I never could have imagined possible. 

We travelled off the beaten track, explored coast lines that tourists don't know exist. 

I took advantage of every opportunity, learning new skills, and am really proud of the legacy I have left behind.  


I want to ensure that you can give the second answer. 

I can help make your dreams a reality. Supporting you to adapt as quickly as possible, connecting you with the right people, who are positive and up lifting. Create idea's and stories that inspire you to invest your talent here. 

Hi I'm Hannah 

things to do in Johannesburg

In 2009 I landed my dream job, building the London 2012 Olympic Legacy Programme. Then my husband asked me to move to here.

Arriving in Joburg as a ‘trailing spouse’ I realised the meaning behind the title when upon meeting new people their first question would be “ 

““What does your husband do?”

I quickly became pretty lost, and before long lost all my confidence and desire to get up and go.

I started by mapping out all the opportunities of things I could do. I spent hours researching activities, from wine courses to beading. I got a coach to help me redefine my personal worth, to think about what I wanted to do, rather than saying yes to everything I could do. I chatted to locals, to previous expats picking up tips on the best holidays, restaurants or charities to support. I started exploring the city, being more selective of the people I spent time with, and put together a weekly routine that gave me structure. Slowly I realised I had stopped blaming my partners company for moving here, and had managed to take 100% responsibility for making my time here matter. 

I am fed up of hearing

"I would love to do x or y, but I don't have the visa" 
" I wish I had travelled more, I can't believe we are leaving already" 
"You can't go there - its not safe" 
moving to South Africa

I am on a mission to mobilise all the skills and passions that are currently being hidden and forgotten because you moved abroad.  We have all made compromises, but imagine what could happen if we took responsibility for investing our skills and talents here.  I want to support you to use this time you have to ensure you do just that. To leave with a suitcase full of stories to tell your grandchildren about your time in Africa. 


I’m going to help you turn your time here into the something truly wonderful.

Whether you are here for 6 months or 6 years.

Together we will:

Get you settled as quickly as possible. 

Explore Joburg / Cape Town from multiple perspectives always feeling safe and secure. 

Connect you with friends that will last a lifetime. 

Get you inspired by new ways of working. Discovering portable businesses you never knew existed. 

Introduce you to full time / part time / voluntary / freelance opportunities. 

Learn from South Africa's biggest influencers from historians, interior designers, artist, bloggers and executive coaches. Engage with local brands 

moving to south africa

Connect with likeminded expats who are taking responsibility for creating a global life they love, regardless of their visa status.  

We will help you leave South Africa will a portfolio of work, projects, experiences, skills and impressions that you are be proud of. 

Joburg Expat


The best way for you to make an impact is through your career.

The Ubuntu members club gives you the structure and support to do that. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 15.41.53.png
Joburg Expat
Expat life in South Africa



Weekly Accountability and COACHING

Each Tuesday join us for a Facebook live discussion, you are held accountable on your career, and projects you want to start. Along with opportunity to share whats happening in Joburg, and what to do with your in-laws who have come to stay!

Access to our Online Learning Platform - Adapt to expat life

All the information and advice you need from previous and current expats -  our library is split into the following areas: 

Expat in Johannesburg

1. Adapt to your new life in South Africa - step by step process to getting settled here in South Africa. 

Productivity and Organisation - Time management techniques and productivity hacks, alongside a host of resources on getting you and your family organised. 

2. Feeling Good - advice and tools on mental health, how to get fit training programmes to work towards the many cycle or running events, and the best in food. 

3. Creating a Global Career - step by step courses and tutorials to set yourself up for success.

Cultural Activity - Connect with others & Get Inspired

Expat Joburg

Each month we head out into Joburg, whether its to be driven to the best spots to capture the Jacaranda's or Joburg skyline, or to head to a soccer game and entertained in a shebeen. We put on an outing each month to discover a part of Jozi's city, culture, or events.   

Local Partnerships

Gain access to exclusive offers from our partners and suppliers from drivers, and decorators, to holiday homes, restaurants and family day trips. 

Facebook Forum.

Joburg Expat

Interactive conversations around key expat topics, or just use the opportunity to ask question/ give advice/ make a suggestion.     


checklists / guides everything you need to get you and your family organised.  

and much much more ............. 




Your Investment

Access the knowledge you need to ensure your time in South Africa is everything you hoped it would be and more! Meet people, discover places, and further your career for just $30 a month,  

It is our hope that you will uncover the true beauty and warmth that South Africa and its people have to offer, & to


Kelly Fung fashion & beauty editor of Marie Claire SA

Kelly Fung fashion & beauty editor of Marie Claire SA



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