Its time to bring back your sparkle  



2 Month Self Paced Online Programme.

You dream of working again, but you aren’t sure how.

It is time to bring back your sparkle, to do more with your time.

Let us help you to stay relevant whilst living abroad, to learn digital skills that will enable you to return to work.

You have huge potential, its time we brought back your sparkle, to put it to use in a meaningful way.

This 2 month programme will ensure you: 

1. Create An Authentic Online Personal Brand So Work Opportunities Will Come To You.

2. Confidence to learn new digital skills and get your foot firmly back on to the career ladder.

3. Transferable skills to put on your LinkedIn profile and CV

4. Become Part of ambitious and Fun global network

The next intake of our Identity Project will start in February. Sign up to be keep informed.

jobs for expats
jobs for expats

, we are here to connect you with others to allow you to continue in your career regardless of how often you move, or where in the world you call home.

We know how hard it is to restart your career each and every time you move. Time goes quickly, and before you know it you are packing up your boxes ready to move again. You need a career, project, or focus that is mobile, friends and a community that stays with you, and to get excited by your own future again.

 Thankfully, there are now more opportunities than ever for us to continue our careers, and use this time to rebrand into new positions completely. Its time to step out of your partners shadow to become an activist, artist, creator, influencer, and generate an independent income again. 

Hi I'm Hannah 

things to do in Johannesburg

In 2009 I landed my dream job, building the London 2012 Olympic Legacy Programme. Then my husband asked me to move to here.

Arriving in Joburg as a ‘trailing spouse’ I realised the meaning behind the title when upon meeting new people their first question would be “ 

““What does your husband do?”

I quickly became pretty lost, and before long lost all my confidence and desire to get up and go.

I started by mapping out all the opportunities of things I could do. I spent hours researching activities, from wine courses to beading. I got a coach to help me redefine my personal worth, to think about what I wanted to do, rather than saying yes to everything I could do. I chatted to locals, to previous expats picking up tips on the best holidays, restaurants or charities to support. I started exploring the city, being more selective of the people I spent time with, and put together a weekly routine that gave me structure. Slowly I realised I had stopped blaming my partners company for moving here, and had managed to take 100% responsibility for making my time here matter. 

I am fed up of hearing


"I would love to do x or y, but I don't have the visa"

" I wish I had travelled more, I can't believe we are leaving already"

"You can't go there - its not safe"

moving to South Africa

I’m going to help you continue your career here to leave a legacy of your own.

Whether you are here for 6 months or 6 years.


Together we will:

Get you settled as quickly as possible. Understand your own Personal Brand and how to continue your Career here. 

moving to south africa

Get you inspired by new ways of working. Discovering portable businesses you never knew existed. 

Introduce you to full time / part time / voluntary / freelance opportunities. 

Explore your current city and country from multiple perspectives always feeling safe and secure. 

Connect you with friends that will last a lifetime. 

Learn from the biggest cultural influencers from historians, interior designers, artist, bloggers and executive coaches. 

Connect with likeminded expats who are taking responsibility for creating a global life they love, regardless of their visa status.  

We will help you leave your current country with a portfolio of work, projects, experiences, skills and impressions that you are be proud of. 

Sadly the doors to the Ubuntu Academy are now closed. 

Join the waitlist to be kept informed when we reopen again. 

Joburg Expat


The best way for you to make an impact is through your career.

The Ubuntu members club gives you the structure and support to do that. 

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Joburg Expat
Expat jobs



Welcome to the Ubuntu Careers Academy, a network for expats to evolve their careers whilst living abroad.  

Access to our Online Learning Platform - Clarity/ Confidence / Create

Our proven framework will support you to understand your roots, breaking down all your experiences to work out exactly what type of career will give you the lifestyle you desire.  Living in a new country gives you the perfect opportunity to press pause, to use this time to reflect and really clarify your own Personal Brand. Why? Because once you know your Personal Brand, you can then build a business that is 100% unique, no more comparisons back to the old you, or to anyone else.

Expat in Johannesburg

Each month we provide another training programme to take you through each stage: 

1. Personal Branding 

2. Building your Confidence and Resilience 

3. Create your product 

4. Cultivate your business 


You will get access to step by step tutorials such as: 

  1. Build your website in 24 hours

  2. How to become a Virtual Assistant and earn $1000 every month

  3. How to sell on Etsy

  4. Be seen and heard - connecting with your ideal audience

  5. Setting your self up for success - developing business systems and processes to do all the work for you.

Alongside all this I will also be sharing lots of productivity and organisation hacks, advice on building your confidence and support with the many online tools and products to ensure you dont waste time learning in isolation. 

Connect with others & Get Inspired

Expat Joburg

We get together to explore Joburg, whether its to be driven to the best spots to capture the Jacaranda's or Joburg skyline, or to head to a soccer game and entertained in a shebeen. There are many opportunities for you to meet new people, and explore new parts of town.   







Weekly Accountability and COACHING Calls - valued at $499

Joburg Expat

Got a question you’ve been struggling to find an answer to? Every week we hang out together, on video, in our Private FB Group answering any question you have. 

A big goal of the Ubuntu Academy is to get you started on your own career path once again.  I know how much one concern can delay you for months, and being an expat we dont have those months to give. I want you to see results as quickly as possible. 

I’m with you live every week troubleshooting and offering inspiration. I’ll stay for as long as it takes to get through every question, no matter how obscure. 

This bonus alone is worth way more than the monthly subscription.  Consider it your private coaching time, where you get tips & training that’s personalised, just for you. 

Facebook Forum-  Valued at $399

You will be hitting your stride in your business, and just before your in laws come to stay, and then straight after that you have your partners school buddies who need you to become a taxi service for and chef! 

Right at that moment, when you just need a moment to escape, and to moan, a place to be a little grumpy - we have your back. That little corner of the internet were other expat entrepreneurs are there to laugh and cry with you, and drop off ready meals if needed. 

Before you know it, your daily dip into this group will be some of the highlights of your day. 

Always someone to proof read your website for you, or give you feedback on what you need to do next. 

Resources - valued at $799

checklists / guides everything you need to get you and your family organised.  

and much much more ............. 

I’ve created the Ubuntu Academy to walk you through every part of the process--everything you need to know to start generating your own income.  Generating your own business idea, and step-by-step instruction for finding and attracting your ideal clients and the support you need to keep it all going, even when the kids are on holiday.  


When you join us this week you will get: 

Full access to our Online Training Academy Tutorials - Priority access to all the tutorials with downloadable videos, templates, checklists, cheatsheets, and audio.  - Value $849

Private Members-Only Facebook Group: Gain unlimited insight, inspiration, and feedback on your project progress from a friendly & approachable group of like-minded people. Value - £399

Live Weekly Q&A Calls With Hannah: Get your most pressing questions answered, so your progress will never again be stalled ! I’m live in our Private FB Group every week troubleshooting and giving suggestions and advice. Value - $499 (per week)

Resources and Discounted Event Tickets:  All our planners, checklists and guides are all available for you to download at the time you need them. PLUS come say hi in person at one of our regular events, you will get priority access, and discounted ticket price. - $299

When you add that all up its total off - $2,046  


We open the doors to the Academy at set periods throughout the year. This enables us to provide the time and attention required to each member. Sadly the doors are currently closed. But sign up below to know when they open again. 

Kelly Fung fashion & beauty editor of Marie Claire SA

Kelly Fung fashion & beauty editor of Marie Claire SA