The Ultimate Expat File  - Its time to take Responsibility  

“Strategies, checklists and research pointers that will ensure you and your family are prepared for EVERYTHING regardless of the country you are in”  

Expat Moving Abroad

You want to be out experiencing your new city, rather than stuck at home researching and completing paperwork.  

Maybe writing your Will or figuring out what to do in case of an emergency (particularly when leaving your children with others) has been on your to do list for months. 

Does anyone have information on all your assets? Or your online log in details? Do you have a just in case plan of action?

Now is the time to get your ducks in order..........  

Translating Me has done all the research for you, compiling it all into one place

-  Emergency Information

- Personal Identification for each family member 

- Financial Records/ Templates / Budgets 

- Medical Records / notification templates to realise records, store medication and vaccination history / process claims

- Education Records / Trackers / Growth Charts 

- Travel Planner / Vaccination records

- How to Guides Buying Car / Renting House / Selecting a School    

We have done all the planning for you and compiled it all into one document.

The Ultimate Expat file can be completed online making it accessible to you on any device and any country at the time you most need it. Or safely offline in a folder at home, so everything is in place should anyone need it.   

We will even provide you with a virtual assistant who can support you through completing the all the documentation and personalising it to your home and current country. 

If you are about to move abroad, or already expat starting to prepare for your next move you know how stressful and hectic the process is.  

Leaving you time to savour doing those things you really enjoy, whether its one last glass of wine with best buddies, or family weekend away.  

Want a sneak peak at the File - watch the walk through below: 

This was such a lifesaver, its reassuring to know that should anything happen to Claire and I, the kids will be taken care off.

We would never have thought to plan for all the eventualities that you have raised in this file. It really didn’t take us long to complete and is well worth the investment of time.

Particularly great having all the information on my phone now too.
— Tony Scott

Keen to get the Evernote version? Make sure you have downloaded the Evernote App first. 

Moving Checklist

A Note from Hannah -  

Its only recently we have been in a position to leave our three children in the care of others whilst we went for a weekend away. It was at this point I realised I had never worked out a plan of action should one of them get sick, or fall ill. Did I know what I would do? Let alone tell the friends who were looking after the kids. It then dawned on me, what if something happen to Matt and I this weekend? Who would know what we wanted for the kids, and all our assets, through to log in details!

We had no plan..........

The Ultimate Expat Planner was created. I have spent the passed year putting together checklists and templates that I find useful to plan out all the practical stuff, along with a few how to guides that are helpful for those of you who are moving, and finally some daily and monthly templates for us to get intentional about how we spend our time. Basically it covers everything you could ever think of or need whilst living abroad! 

I hope it helps you to to become more intentional with your time, to capture the important memories and more organised with all those processes! 

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