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Become a Global Intern and find your new portable role within 90 days….  

Stop putting your life on hold until you move home. 

become a Global Intern and work, regardless of where you live.

Join us in this life changing experience, that will shape your time here in South Africa and your career going forward. 

This opportunity has never been seen before, we are bringing together the untapped talents of expats from all over the world, to work alongside local companies looking for fresh talent.  

Portable Career

Gain digital skills to Future- Proof Your Career 

More than 75% of businesses are currently facing a digital skills shortage. You’ll have the skills, support, experience and confidence you need to become a Social Media Manager, enhance future roles, or build your own buissness.   

Expat Career

Get hands on Experience in your Business placement

Our unique approach is a blend of in-person, and digital learning, mixed with a real-life hands on project. You will intern for a South African company, to run a live campaign. This supports you to establish your own professional network and the hands on experience to create a portable career you love. 

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 Broaden your Cultural Understanding 

Your work placement will stretch and support you to succeed. Enabling you to work alongside local people, breaking free of the expat bubble.

Providing a new dimension to your time and experience in South Africa. Its time to mobilise the missing global workforce.  


Get hired by global and local companies - working whenever and Wherever you want

expat career

As a Global Intern you have the opportunity to apply for all our flexible roles and opportunities.  

We know that Moving abroad makes us.. 

more creative,



Its time for companies to access these skills and for you to enjoy progressing your career again.

 Join the global intern programme to evolve your career now



expat partner
It’s been slightly over a year since we moved from Indianapolis to Johannesburg and I’ve struggled with my identity and where to place myself in this world. It’s so easy to look at people achieving things and wish you are in their shoes. I hardly ever feel like meeting up with all friends when they come into town because of all my my head, I think they will judge me and wonder what I ended up doing with my Master’s degree. Finally (ding ding ding!), I have made up my mind that I will never be a 9-5er again. I am officially living this #expat life. I am owning this title of #trailingspouse, even though I don’t trail - I strut, boldly! So what’s next? I am launching my own side hustle, all thanks to the support and skills Hannah has given me. If you are struggling as an expat, and want to continue with your career Hannah and Translating Me are your solution.
— Module Onemola- Adewunmi

As a Global Intern you will Have:  

  • The confidence and competence needed to gain your first social media clients in April 2019.

  • A great pitch to respond too the dreaded question of "what do you do?"

  • Your own portable business that keeps your career options alive. Making a decision to scale up or down depending on your current priorities and visa restrictions.   

  • Stories and personal insights to share in interviews, or at dinner with your friends and family.

  • A professional local and international network to call upon for testimonials, support, future job opportunities.     


Our next Global Intern programme runs from 27th January -End of March 2018.

No need for a new Work or Study Visa!

There are a limited number of places available,

So book your spot by Now.

The details 

Phase A - Planning & Training

January - February 2019 

  • 2 Day Workshop - 27th / 28th January

  • 6 Week Online Programme

Phase B - Implementation of your 6 week social media campaign. 

March - April 2019 

  • Work Placement and Implementation

About Us 

We connect, support and champion expats who are evolving their careers, learning that their skills have a broad international application.  

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Translating Me's Global Intern platform connects the best freelance talent across the world to join others doing work they love. It is work that fits their ever- changing lifestyle.   

We believe work matters- and moving abroad shouldn't put a gap in your career. We believe the joy of living abroad comes from experiencing new things, ways of living, relationships, perspectives, hobbies, travel, and brings joy of watching your child conversing in multiple languages. You can experience all of this AND future proof your career. 

How to apply..... 

 This programme is suitable for anyone who had a successful career in their home country, we will teach you how to apply your existing skills to the digital world. 

Your commitment 

You need to be able to commit to attending our two day in person workshop in  Johannesburg, followed by 6 weeks of online training classes, requiring at least 10 hours of your time each week.

Costs for training $2899 +VAT which can be paid upfront, or in 3 instalments of $990 +VAT.

$800 deposit is required to secure your place in our January intake.       

Take action to re-Launch Your Career! 

There are a limited number of places available, so grab your spot now. 

Say Goodbye To 9-5 Living Once And For All. 


Corporate / NGO / Organisation seeking digital support? 


Want support to grow your business through social media? Our Global Interns provide digital support to suit all budgets. You can access our highly talented Global Interns, who have backgrounds in international journalism, law, public relations, blue chip companies, accounting, and engineering. All work remotely, providing you access to international talent at affordable prices. 

We take the natural talent of expats, add the latest innovation and digital marketing skills to produce the best global digital strategists.   

Access your perfect Global Intern now.