Welcome, To Our Spark Global

Our aim is to shine a light on the remarkable artisans, creatives, & small business owners who are living abroad, working remotely; the “Sparklers”.

People who are living and working globally, leaving a little of their sparkle wherever they go.

When moving abroad the easy part is packing up your belongings. The real challenge is to restart your career from scratch or feel like you are falling behind in your career, unsure of what’s next, or what the future looks like!

Sadly, until your skills have gone un noticed. The complexity of visas. working hours, and cultural restrictions has denied many expat partners the opportunity to work. Causing many assignments to fail, and a rise in anxiety and depression amongst assignees and their families.

We are passionate about mobilising these lost skills, connecting talented individuals scattered all over the world with global partners who have a shortage of skills for a short assignment or international project.

We champion the illustrator, jewellery maker, florist, as much as the social media manager, website designer, photographer, coach or market researcher. We support artisans to make meaningful connections and provide job opportunities to further your career regardless of where you live.

jobs for expats

We are people who know what its like to move.

To restart from scratch each and every 2-3 years.

Maybe you have started your own project, but it is hard to keep motivated.

There is just too much advice out there, it is hard to know what to do next, or what you should be doing?

Do you need to create a newsletter?

How do you find clients?

Will anyone actually need my services?

What’s worse is- you have no one to ask? It is hard to find other expats who have managed to start their own project.

You struggle to find the local shops right now, how on earth will you find someone to ask about mail chimp!

You're scrolling social media feeling lost and alone, wondering if its simpler to just use your time to hang out with the kids, and maybe try a new yoga class or volunteer at the local orphanage?

Then you can just return to the career you left, after all its much easier to work for someone else….

But will your skills still be relevant? It won’t be long before you are left seeking more from your week, because you miss using your sparkle, investing your skills in something that is worthwhile. And we both know you aren’t too sure if you even want to return back to the corporate job you left, you worked so hard for someone else. Wouldn’t it be better to work hard to create something of your own? Something on the side, that you can scale up later if need be. Something that works around the family, and gives you the flexibility you have become used too?

But where do you start?

Maybe you just weren’t born to be an entrepreneur?


Join the Spark Global and get all the information, support and contacts you need to establish a global business as an expat.

Jobs for expats

Work for yourself But not by yourself.

Just imagine how relieved you'll feel knowing that you've got everything in place to help you develop your very own business. 

A business that works with your life as an expat rather than being limited by it. 

Imagine, having a business that moves with you. No more having to restart your career each and every time you move! 

Imagine working on projects you enjoy, and doing work that lights you up, that matters and makes use of your sparkle.

Hi, I’m Hannah,

jobs for expats

I started Translating Me because after being an expat for 7 years I had no idea what I was going to do with the next 7!

I had volunteered.
Had children.
Played lots of tennis, and learnt to play golf.
Explored every single coffee shop.
Started Zulu language lessons.

Yet I still dreaded Monday mornings, I had no focus, no purpose. I had to work out a Plan B, to find a way to continue my career, and I had no idea who to turn too. If I was the only one thinking this way!

Let me tell you - now I look back, the best thing we ever did was move abroad. I have figured out who I am without a job title, and meet some brilliant people who are doing amazing things from across the world!

Which is why I have created Spark Global, so we can share our lessons our tips and experiences rather than hiding away, not able to answer

“What do you do?”

Join us inside Spark Global and together we can :


Become part of a supportive team, a community of likeminded peers who will evolve with you. People you can work alongside, you can collaborate with, and answer one another facebook ads questions.

As a Spark Global Member you get access to:

  • Monthly Themes, each month there will be a theme where you will receive a masterclass from me or an expert to ensure you are always update on the latest social media, marketing and small business trends.

  • Your own personalised work plan, giving you clarity on your focus and access to our 90 day planning system.

  • Apply for jobs, collaborating with other members working for global and local companies.

  • Accountability - to ensure you have the confidence to show up, stay true to your values, and consistency to show up and create opportunities for yourself.

  • Step by step instructions on how to present as an expert online, to differentiate you from the competition, to package up your skills, and create products clients will love.

  • Templates and Cheat sheets for common tools such as Hootsuite, Asana, Google Docs, SquareSpace, Mailchimp and Etsy, Stripe, Paypal, others.

To ensure you feel supported every step of the way we have

PLUS - virtual and in person meet ups, retreats, events, conferences, opportunities to ask your questions, share your discoveries, and access our mentors to get personalised advice on what to do next.

Spark Global is focusing on changing the way we work. By creating a community of people who are working globally, we hope to inspire future expats, travelers, and companies to grow towards our vision of the future, enabling anyone to access meaningful work from anywhere.

How To Apply..... 

This community is suitable for anyone who has set themselves up with a side hustle, you have a website, or 1 - 2 clients, and are ready to get the systems in place to make your side hustle sustainable.

Your Commitment 

$699 Annual Membership.

You want to join but you aren’t a freelancer? No worries, join our next cohort of Global Interns to learn the skills you need to set yourself up as a Social Media Manager, an in demand role you can do from anywhere. You will graduate with all the skills needed to start your own portable career. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE>>>>>>

Take this opportunity to build upon your own unique skill set, so you are employable not just over the next few years, but for the next few decades, regardless of where in the world you end up.