Expat Entrepreneur: Veronika Nemeth

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Veronika Nemeth Founder & Creative Director at Style Coach . Veronika has recently set up her business in Milan. She shares her top styling tips with us, as well as what she loves about the Italian way of life. 

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What do you love about your current city, what makes it special?

Milan has a very special atmosphere cause while it’s the economical and financial capital of Italy it’s also the most important city for fashion, food and design. It’s home to world renown fashion houses, furniture brands and exciting events so the city is always buzzing and never really gets boring. At the same time it’s a very liveable place with lot of green and lovely neighbourhoods that feel like little “towns”. It’s a great mix of cosmopolitan and classic Italian culture and therefore is easy for a foreigner to settle in.

In what ways have you changed personally or professionally since living abroad?

I lived in different countries all over Europe (UK, Germany, Luxembourg and now Italy) and worked with countless different nationalities along the way. This experience helped me in many ways. I became way more open minded and a lot more tolerant and it definitely made me a better person. Living abroad is a huge “comfort zone challenge” since you are put in a totally different culture and you have to “prove your worth” to be accepted. But it’s also a huge confidence boost cause if you manage to overcome the first difficulties you'll be much more prone to challenges. I always wanted to travel and live in different countries and work with different nationalities so I feel that it also helped me be more aligned with my true self.

What are some of your personal highlights since living abroad?

I think that wherever I went I managed to bring the best out of the actual circumstances but I feel that my experience in Italy was the most challenging. I arrived here with my Italian parter without speaking the language and having any personal connection. In 3 years I managed to learn Italian fluently, finished a post grad fashion course of my dreams (in Italian) and started my style coaching and image consulting business in one of the most important fashion cities in the world. Looking back it wasn't alway easy but I feel very proud of these accomplishments.

What was the trigger that made you start up your own business? How did you have the initial idea?

Actually, as soon as I relocated to Milan I instantly feel the urge to pursue my childhood dream and start a business in fashion. Few months before that I was with one of my girlfriends and we started clearing out her closet - something I often did in the past with friends and family. After hours of dress up we managed to ditch a large amount of clothes and created many new outfits. It was then when I realised that this passion for helping women look amazing could be taken to the next level.

What have been some of your business highlights / rewarding moments (why should others set up their own business).

For me business is about making and impact and helping women up level their lives. Therefore the best moments are when I see my clients come into their full power and shine. I’m still in the beginning, currently I’m working on refreshing my website and my packages in order to make it available to more women online. But recently I launched a free downloadable guide - Find Your Authentic Style that’s already impacting lives and also helped me to connect with more amazing women whom I can help to create a confident, authentic and stylish personal brand.

Can you share with us your top tips on how we can all look and feel great.

I believe that beauty in an inside job. You have to feel great on the inside to project happiness and confidence and it only comes when your appearance is truly aligned with your personality. When you feel good in your skin, your body language, your behaviour and even your facial expression changes! You don’t need to be a supermodel to have a great style. Simply learning what’s flattering to your body shape and what colors look best on you will help you to feel more confident about your appearance. Building a signature style also helps you in professional life cause it makes you more memorable and puts people at ease by knowing what they can expect.

What is the best bit of advice you can give for others wanting to set up on their own?

Be persistent and never let others influence your decisions. Listen to your “inner voice” and keep going till you see the light. The biggest lesson I learnt over the past years is that there isn't anything more powerful that being your authentic self. My business started to turning around when I gave up thinking that I had to please others (because it’s impossible to please everyone!) and just started focusing on the value I could give. Also, find your niche! You’re products or services and you in general in not for everyone and that’s OK. If you find your true self you will connect with the right people.

Expat life in South Africa

Have you adopted any new customs or traditions from various places you have lived?

It’s hard to say cause I spent entire summers in Germany already as a child so probably more than I think. But I might have picked up business culture in the UK (and later when working with Brits and Americans) and definitely the love and respect of food in Italy. Also, Italians know who to live a good life and that’s something that I’m learninig every day :)

What is different about your normal routine currently compared to what it would be back at home?

I think that my current routine is different mainly cause back home I worked in a stressful 9 to 5 while since I live in Italy I’m working on building my business so working from home. There’s one tradition that I really love here though! There’s a huge thing about the so called “apertitivo” that’s usually a “happy hours” between 6 - 8 pm, right after office hours but just before dinner. In Milan people are very social and they love to sit in a bar and have a drink and wind down before going home to dinner. The bars usually give you either finger food or buffet of various hot and cold dishes and they are filled with businessmen and women, youngsters and even seniors regardless of the season. In Italy people usually eat later than in the northern countries (around 8.30 - 9 pm) that’s also a little later than I used to eat.

When I feel homesick I ………

Call my mom :)

What is your:

expat life in South Africa

Fav book: There are so many! But most life changing - Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Podcast: Marie Forleo, Tony Robbins, Success Talks

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but they will never forget how you made them feel - Maya Angelou

Instagram account: Dean Street Society - Hilary Rushford

If visiting Milan where are your favourite spots to go for:

DInner:  Casa Lucia (via Ravizza) 

Drinks: Roof top bar of Brian & Berry at San Babila

Day trip: Lago Maggiore

Must see: Top of Duomo (Cathedral of Milan)

Coolest Shop / Brand: Luxury - ANTONIA Boutique; Eataly - food & gadgets (+ for bargain hunters: D Trend - outlet of all Max Mara brand’s in the city)

Best entertainment: shopping, football (Stadio San Siro), opera (La Scala), museums (Triennale, Pinacoteca di Brera, etc.) + fashion and design events (Fashion week, Design week)

Favourite way to stay fit: walk + yoga

If you could go back and give yourself advice what would it be?

Don’t miss Milan on your trip to Italy. It might look less interesting than the classics (Venice, Rome, Florence) but you will be surprised how lovely city it is.

Also if you’re a business owner or and ambitious professional women, don't fail to invest in yourself. Determine your your style desires not only helps shop with ease & grace but it maven influence the direction of your business.  

To learn more about Veronika's business visit her website here: https://www.stylecoachmilano.com/

Or on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stylecoachmi/


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