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After moving abroad, one of the questions you quickly get used to answering is.... 

trailing spouse


"Hannah, What do you do everyday?" 

Depending on who is asking, regardless of what I say, this is the image they envisage...... 


Do you remember living back in your home country? When you had your career, attended family celebrations and when you could meet up with your school friends for after work drinks regularly? 

You had a plan, or at least you thought you did. After this job, you roughly knew your next step, or what promotions you were expecting. You roughly had an idea about what flat, house or area you were likely to live in.

You could see the whole of your life mapped out in front of you….

Then you moved country, and now it is not so easy without your own salary, friends or community.

Everything is different.

The houses are different, the public transport is scary, people even eat, sleep and wake up at different times.   All of a sudden, you are no longer sure how to do the simplest of things, from registering a car to choosing a school and even how to build a career.

You Are Still YOU But Life Is Different. 

At this point, it is easy to feel directionless, so you manage to pick yourself up and try all the things people tell you to do..... 

Volunteer for no fewer than 4 organisations, 

illustration Lo Cole 

illustration Lo Cole 

Network (although you have no idea how to introduce yourself) 

Update your LinkedIn profile and sent off more than 100 job applications with carefully worded covering letters (not to seem too desperate, and be creative with the big gap on your cv). 

Attended the many lunches, playdates and drank waaaaayyyy too much wine 

You once were highly qualified in your field, now you are almost invisible, as if your previous life happened to somebody else.

Meanwhile your partner is doing incredibly well at work and of course you are proud of him.

But what about me?

While they learn new skills, receives praise from senior figures and climbs the career ladder,

You stagnate, wondering what you could have achieved if you had only been given the opportunity.

Its time to end this cycle, to stop putting your life on hold.

We are very excited to introduce you to our brand new programme: Global Intern

Finally a career programme specifically designed for expat partners, one that will shape your time here in South Africa and your career going forward. 

This opportunity has never been seen before, we are bringing together the untapped talents of expats from all over the world, to work alongside local companies looking for digital marketing support. 

In just 90 days we give you all the tools, knowledge and network you need to become a social media manager, either to grow your own coaching or blogging business, or to pitch your services  to your previous colleges. You become part of our team, having colleagues to answer your questions and tell you what they think about Master chef, and hands on experience running your own digital campaign.

What are you waiting for, we start in September, and accepting applications until 31st July.  

Not in South Africa, no worries, come fly in for the 2 day workshop, and then the rest in online accessible from anywhere! 

Already have your sparkle? We wold love to know more and feature you in our campaign. Tag us in your #nomoretrailing image showing us how you have said no to the term trailing spouse over on Instagram.