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trailing spouse

Think for a minute…

Do you remember living back in your home country? When you had your career, attended family celebrations and when you could meet up with your school friends for after work drinks regularly? 

You had a plan, or at least you thought you did. After this job, you roughly knew your next step, or what promotions you were expecting. You roughly had an idea about what flat, house or area you were likely to live in. You could see the whole of your life mapped out in front of you….

Then you moved country, and now it is not so easy without your own salary, friends or community.

Everything is different.

The houses are different, the public transport is scary, people even eat, sleep and wake up at different times.   All of a sudden, you are no longer sure how to do the simplest of things, from registering a car to choosing a school and even how to build a career.

You are still YOU but life is different. 

At this point, it is easy to feel low, directionless, and dependent on your partner even though the advantages of living abroad are manifold. In fact this the number one reason for expat jobs to fail.

I do not want you to feel like this.

I do not want you to live a life on hold.

Waiting to move to the next place.  

expat partner career

Hi, Im Hannah Pirnie, I am a wife, mum of 3, sister, sport psychologist, executive coach, curious about most things, and loyal global friend. The best thing I have done with my life is move abroad, it taught me to challenge the status quo, determined not to return home to mediocrity.

My mission is to re brand the term "trailing spouse" to support expat partners to step out of the shadows and take responsibility for

creating the life they want – now.



Every day I meet expat partners who introduce themselves as "I used to be", people who have left their dreams in excess luggage, gathering dust. 

It's easier to take the comfortable route, but comfortable won't bring about change, its simply settling. 

Most often, the only things that are missing are courage and curiosity (and a kick up the bum to get on with it).

This is why Translating Me Abroad was created. 

to support you too:

  1. Rebrand Trailing Spouse, to empower partners everywhere to invest their skills to make an impact now.

  2. To generate independent income streams that give partners their own income and flexibility.

  3. Be part of a supportive community that is full of diversity, challenging status quo.

  4. Create your own Spider Web career. One-step at a time, learning from international industry experts.

  5. Create a confident and global mindset. That prevents comparison and guilt.

  6. Foster routines and habits that help you make the most of every opportunity available to grow your CV, and build your portfolio of experience.

  7. Move abroad smoothly and settling in quickly, through our six step Moving to South Africa Programme

Expat Partner

I’m a huge fan of the power of connection.

We all remember that hopeless feeling of loneness in the early days of living here.  It's so important to hang out with like-minded people who want to contribute and make a difference alongside you. 

I seek out people to work with who truly appreciate the value of collaboration and helping others – because together we change the way expat partners are perceived, to rewrite the job description.

Moving is hard. Change is difficult. But you dont need to do it alone. Join us in challenging the status quo. 

Come join the movement in our groups: Portable Careers for Expats, or Moving to South Africa.

Lets do this 


Hannah xx